Choc affair is a favourite for people of all ages who are looking for a delicious, ethically produced range of chocolate indulgences.

Passionate about creating a delicious range of hand crafted chocolates using only natural ingredients, sustainably grown cocoa which is free from palm oil.

We believe in contributing financially to the important work carried out by the International Cocoa Initiative in West Africa in cocoa growing communities and also invest in specific projects for the cocoa farmers from where our Single origin range of chocolate is sourced, Colombia, this year it’s school kits for the children of the farmers.

Locally, we work with local agencies to offer real work opportunities to those who can struggle to enter the employment market.

Our philosophy of working with like minded, independent companies has led us to ensure all of our packaging is designed, sourced and purchased here in the UK, always ensuring a British employer is at the heart of all we do.

Our Story

A family-run business that aims to make a difference, both through our ethical business practices and our exceptional range of divine chocolate treats.

Our Values

When you enjoy a chocolate treat you want to know your pleasure doesn’t come at someone else’s expense, so we make sure our business is as ethical as possible.

Our Process

Explore how the chocolate you enjoy grows from the cocoa beans, through its refining and conching process all the way through to a finished chocolate bar.

Our Cocoa Beans

Our values and ethical trading is all part of how we directly support cocoa farmers and how we harvest our cocoa beans.

The Team

See who is behind our delicious chocolate creations, our customer care team and the founders of Choc Affair.