We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you – if you can’t find the answer to your question, please do get in touch by clicking here.

Ordering and Shipping

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we’ve made the decision to suspend any international deliveries. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Our Standard £3.50 tracked shipping uses Royal Mail’s 48 hour service which takes between 2-3 days – although, at peak times this can be longer, and we have no control over how long once your delicious chocolate order has left us. You can keep an eye on it though through your tracking number which we’ll email to you once we’ve shipped your chocs.

Can I send my chocolate order as a gift?

Why wouldn’t you want to send chocolate as a gift! Please do, it makes our day when you spread the word about us and in return, we will certainly add a gift card for you. When you click on the checkout after you’ve finished shopping, a little box will appear asking if you’d like to add a message, so type in your text and we’ll do the rest. Don’t worry, we don’t put a receipt in, so they won’t know how much you’ve spent!

Can I edit or cancel my order once it’s been placed?

The best thing to do if you realise you need to change something is to email us here at customerservice@choc-affair.com. It is the quickest way to get hold of us, rather than through the contact form and we’ll do our very best to sort the issue out for you. You can of course call us on 01904 541541 and speak to our very lovely Charlotte.

What should I do if there is a problem with my order?

Please get in touch with our customer service team by email: customerservice@choc-affair.com and we’ll be happy to help sort it out for you.

Our Chocolate and Packaging

Is your chocolate sustainably sourced?

Yes it is. We want to shout about our chocolate because we really do believe it is the very best to be found.

We’ve chosen to source our chocolate from an amazing family-owned company in Colombia, where they work closely with the farmers helping train them to produce a better quality of cocoa bean, so improving their income. As well as concentrating on the very best flavour profile, they work tirelessly to make sure they are doing all they can to protect the natural habitat – ensuring a sustainable model for future generations.

ALL of our delicious chocolate range is created using only Single Origin chocolates which simply means, the cocoa beans are all from the same country, or geographical region, so it has a very special flavour profile, unique to the area within which it’s grown. You can find out more here if you’d like to. 

Sustainability around our chocolate and the importance of our role in the environment is a huge part in what we’re doing and so we’re constantly looking at ways in which we can improve, our systems and processes to reduce our waste and effects on the environment.

Is your chocolate supply chain slavery free

We are very confident there is no issue of slavery within our supply chain. Our chocolate supplier is a family-owned company who are third party audited to ensure their hiring processes are robust.

Although modern slavery is not an issue present in the Colombian cocoa chain, our supplier works closely with the farmers and associations to help prevent it ever becoming one through continuous training in the awareness and enforcement of human rights. 

Through their sustainability plan, which we pay a premium towards, they promote access and quality of education for young people and children, building schools, and along with entrepreneurship training they work tirelessly to strengthen social and cultural opportunities to bring prosperity to the cocoa regions. So, you can be confident in the transparency of our supply chain.

Does your chocolate contain Palm Oil?

NO! We are purposeful to ensure our chocolate only uses its own natural cocoa butter, and not the cheaper palm oil option found in some other brands. Don’t get us wrong, palm oil is not bad in itself, rather it is our mass consumption of it and the deforestation that continues to happen to keep the supply chain going which is bad. We all need to take steps to reduce our consumption of palm oil – you are taking one step today by choosing our chocolate over other brands! You can read a little more about Palm Oil here.

Is your chocolate suitable for Vegans?

In a nutshell, ALL our dark chocolate is suitable for those on a vegan diet along with our plant-based oat milk range, and we are often asked the question about whether our chocolate is suitable for those who are vegan or on a dairy-free diet, so we’ll endeavour to explain the difference for you.

All of our dark chocolate carries The Vegan Society logo – which indicates that we have submitted an application to The Vegan Society and satisfactorily answered all the society’s questions regarding our ingredients and our production processes and have been given permission to use the logo on the product packaging.

It’s important though to understand that products suitable for vegans aren’t necessarily suitable for people who suffer from dairy allergies – there is a difference and key distinctions between the criteria for “vegan” products and “allergen-free” products.

Anyone suffering from a dairy allergy should not rely on vegan claims as a suitable way to manage their safety and well-being because there could be an unintentional cross-contact with allergens in the manufacturing or preparation process. For products labelled “free-from” or “allergen-free”, these stronger claims are stated because the manufacturers of these products have further reduced the risk of cross-contamination by using entirely separate facilities for that product’s development and manufacture, which are regularly tested for traces of the allergen.

All of our delicious chocolate is made within our production unit, in York, where as well as producing dark chocolate we produce our milk and white chocolate. Whilst we are incredibly careful to ensure we avoid cross-contamination wherever possible, we remain aware that there is always a risk which is why we label our dark chocolate with allergy advice stating may also contain milk.

Is your chocolate gluten free?

Chocolate in its simple form does not have gluten added to it, but many inclusions which are added can include any number of allergens, which in turn means the chocolate now contains gluten, dairy, etc. At Choc Affair we don’t work with inclusions, rather we flavour our chocolate with natural flavours which don’t specifically contain gluten.

Anyone suffering from an allergy to gluten or who are coeliac should be aware that whilst there may not be a specific allergen ingredient listed within the chocolate, there is the risk of unintentional cross-contact with allergens in the manufacturing or preparation processwhen something is unintentionally transferred from one object to another.

At Choc Affair, we are often asked the question that whilst we don’t list gluten or wheat in our ingredients list, we state may also contain nuts and oat and what does this actually mean to an allergy sufferer.

Our suppliers of flavourings and our chocolate producers as well as ourselves, do not claim to be allergen-free sites, so we must consider the possibility of cross-contamination, however slight, to ensure we are keeping you our customer as safe as we can, by making you aware of any potential risks.

Can I recycle your packaging?

YES! Please do – it is really important that as much as possible is put through the recycling system. The foil is aluminium and infinitely recyclable and most councils collect this with your home recycling of tins and cans.  Then, simply put the paper wrappers in your cardboard and paper waste collection.   This includes all the packaging your chocolate arrives in, even the tape to seal your box is 100% recyclable.

Why do you use aluminium foil and paper wrappers on your bars of chocolate?

A couple of reasons, we think it looks nice, but really because it feels good – you know, when you peel back the foil to reveal a smooth glossy bar of chocolate, then you break off a piece off… before wrapping it back around the remainder of the bar to save for later – it’s kind of old school and we love it.

Did you know that aluminium is a valuable resource, not just for foil and cans of pop, but also in electronics, smartphones, kitchen gadgets etc, and it’s endlessly recyclable!  It can be remade into thousands of different items without the need for any new material and the great news is that making products from recycled aluminium uses only 5% of the energy it takes to make new foil from raw materials! Now why wouldn’t we like that J

This is a great short video by a UK council to watch or you can check out this more detailed clip about recycling aluminium here.

So, whilst mining the new aluminium from the bauxite mines isn’t ideal, once we have the aluminium and IF we play our part well, we can make sure the aluminium keeps going and going. Please recycle your foil!

Just make sure it is free from any chocolate residue and give it a quick rinse or wipe over before recycling it, which is the same for all recycling, please make sure it’s clean.

  • Do the ‘scrunch test’. If the foil stays ‘scrunched’ then it’s aluminium foil and can be recycled (ours is!) If it springs back, it’s metallised plastic film and can’t be.
  • For smaller pieces of foil – such as yoghurt lids or chocolate foil (the best we think!) – please give them a quick wipe over, then loosely scrunch these together to make a larger ball of foil, about the size of a tennis ball. This will keep the foil together and make it easier to recycle as the machinery detects it better than smaller pieces. Or as one advertising campaign said Munch it and scrunch it!

What kind of paper is your paper wrappers made from?

All the wrappers we use for our Choc Affair chocolate bars are made from 100% recycled paper and we’d love for you to do the same with the wrappers in your home recycling after you’ve enjoyed your chocs – just put them in your paper and cardboard recycle box and if you’re interested in knowing more, for a quick easy watch on how paper is recycled, have a quick view of this clip here.

We wanted to be sure about why we are using recycled paper, so we did a little looking and found the following from The Environmental Paper Network:

Using recycled paper alleviates the pressure to log forests for paper. By substituting used paper fibre for virgin tree fibre, recycling reduces the overall intensity of forest management needed to meet a given demand for paper, and the pressure to convert natural forests and ecologically sensitive areas like wetlands or endangered species habitat into tree plantations. Using recycled paper maximizes the paper already in the supply chain. Thus, recycling helps reduce the pressure on the full range of values that forest ecosystems provide, including carbon storage benefits, clean water, wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

Having visited the cocoa forests in Colombia where our chocolate is grown, it is all the more important we all do what we can to protect our planet, you can view more about the reforestation of the cocoa regions here.

Choc Affair is committed to sustainability, minimising our environmental impact and enhancing the communities we are a part of.

Handmade in Britain

Making Chocolate By Hand Since 2006

Our journey began when Linda started making our delicious hot chocolate stirrers by hand at home in her kitchen back in 2006. Today, hand crafting great tasting chocolate is still something that we take pride in, and of course, we still have our original chocolate stirrer as part of our range. Our hardworking team (who craft award-winning chocolate for you to enjoy) are passionate about all things chocolate, and we just want to share the joy that our delicious chocolate brings us (and pass on a little love along the way).

Proud To Be British

By choosing to purchase all of our packaging through British companies, we believe we’re supporting the success and growth of the UK’s industry. Of course, we could choose to purchase less expensive packaging from other countries –but really, that would go against everything we set out to accomplish as a business. Our goal is to ensure that the choices we make have a positive impact on the people and world around us; and where better to start than in the beautiful place we call home.

In sourcing our chocolate, we’ve chosen to work with another family owned company who have strong values, and an inspirational story to tell about all the work they do to ensure that they leave their community in Colombia a better place to be. We believe that as a business, we should have a sense of ownership of our locality, working towards making a positive impact that goes beyond purely employment; and choosing to use all we do as a force for good in the wider world (which we continue to work hard for).

handmade in britain

Caring For Our Environment

Palm Oil Free

Today, more is known and publicised about the issues of palm oil; and yet it is still the most widely produced vegetable oil worldwide. These issues include increased CO2 emissions, and a huge loss of biodiversity; resulting in the endangering of many animals and plants through the destruction of natural habitats. Chocolate should never have palm oil in it’s ingredients, and yet it is often found in mass produced brands as a cheap alternative to a natural cocoa butter. You can rest assured that our chocolate will always be free of any palm oil. Read more about our reasons for being palm oil free.

Sustainably Sourced Cocoa

To protect our world for future generations, it is vital that in every choice we make, we make the right choice; and sustainably grown cocoa is one of those choices. By ensuring a replenishment of all that we take out of the earth, we are guaranteeing future generations a world with chocolate in it. Our cocoa growers in Colombia are at the heart of this. They’ve adopted an agroecological approach, planting two additional types of trees (alongside the cocoa), to ensure that all three trees yield a harvest; thus ensuring a livelihood for the farmer, whilst maintaining a positive impact on the environment.

FSC Packaging

We only ever use FSC certified paper products within our packaging; so you can be sure that for each and every tree used within the production of our chocolate bar wrappers, there is a sustainable focus on ensuring that forests are replanted to replenish the supply. The paper is made from using wood that comes from FSC certified forests and recycled materials.

Waste Reduction

Our aim is to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill, and into recycling facilities instead. In the last 18 months, we have reduced our use of plastic and PET packaging by 75%; with a future plan to remove all plastics over the next 24 months. We need to overcome our desire as consumers to ‘see the product through the packaging’; because where there’s a window, there’s generally PET (or alternative) being used; and we are working to ensure we are playing our part in this.

Respecting People & Communities

We are really passionate about offering employment opportunities to those who might otherwise struggle to find work experience. Whether we are a stepping stone for an eventual move into a different career, or supporting people to continue to work as part of our team; we endeavour to build people up so that they grow in confidence through a nurturing and positive working environment. We do this through a scheme that we call our ‘Inclusive Employment Initiative’, which sadly due to the pandemic has been put on hold, but we will be restarting it as soon as we are able

Over the past 15 years, our Inclusive Employment Initiative has involved working with York based organisations that aim to help individuals who find accessing employment challenging. The first of these organisations is ‘The Blueberry Academy’, who work with young adults with learning difficulties; offering them the chance to become more independent and learn life skills. We offer work experience for some of their young adults, and currently employ two students to work within our production and packing teams. It’s both rewarding and fun, and has had a really enriching impact on us as a team.

Through our contacts with the local probation service and ‘Changing Lives’, we are also keen to offer those who are in the probation system, and/or those who are in recovery from addictions the chance to get back into work. We want to help re-build their confidence and self-belief in a positive and family-like atmosphere.

We don’t always get it right; we make mistakes, and it can get messy (much like life) – but we learn, and start over.

Supporting ‘Our Father’s Heart’

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

In 2011, Linda visited Uganda with her sister and daughters, and stayed in a small township called Kumi; returning to the UK forever changed. This led to an investment into this area and the local children, offering sponsorship for education and medical needs; and over the last 10 years, over 50 children and young people have accessed education; many of which have now finished their skills training/education and are now in employment.

2018 saw the renting of a local property, and a feeding programme that would respond to the needs of the town’s street children; all because of one boy called William. During the recent pandemic, the charity has delivered  staple food parcels to 100’s of families, employed people to make and distribute fabric face masks to both individuals, and those working in key positions. One of the young people on the program was nursed back to health within the rental home, after surgery to repair several broken bones due to a bad fall, staying for 6 months whilst she learned to walk again unaided.

Choc Affair is really invested in supporting this charity (Our Father’s Heart) and all the work they do in Kumi, through financial support of the rental property.