linda barrie

Name: Linda

Role: Founder

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Orange & Geranium

Linda is our company vision creator; our eyes for the future, and office brew maker! Linda is always looking at how we can develop the business and make it the best it can be – and of course, without her, Choc affair wouldn’t exist!


jayne booth

Name: Jayne

Role: HR Manager

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Peppermint

Jayne is the lady that overseas all of our HR – if you are joining our team, then you will most likely speak to Jayne first. She also makes the best caramel shortbread you will ever try.

julian barrie

Name: Julian

Role: CEO

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Rhubarb

Julian oversees everything that’s going on in the land of Choc affair, and keeps everything on track; some of our team members call him ‘the big boss’. He’s also the king of barbecues!

richard gibbons

Name: Richard

Role: Operations Manager

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Sao Tome Single Origin

Richard is our Operations Manager – he makes sure that everything is planned and running smoothly in production, and takes care of all our technical details. He’s also the go-to-guy if you’ve got something that needs fixing.

shannon farmery

Name: Shannon

Role: Trainee Operations Supervisor

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Raspberry & Rose

Shannon is a newer member of our team, and is well and truly already part of the furniture. Shannon assists Richard within operations, with all production and packing; and she also loves to socialise with friends in her spare time.


lisa bone

Name: Lisa

Role: Design & Marketing Associate

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Salted Caramel

Lisa is your lady if you want to be creative, Lisa deals with all of our graphic design work and marketing – and she’s also a pretty keen baker, so you’ll catch most of her recipes in our ‘cocoa corner’.

ian dickons

Name: Ian

Role: Northern Sales Executive

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Chilli

Ian is well and truly part of the Choc Affair family, being the brother-in-law and business partner of Linda. Ian is out on the road most days, greeting our customers. Whatever you do though, don’t mention music to him – you’ll never escape!

james bye

Name: James

Role: Southern Sales Executive

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Rhubarb

James is probably the most cheerful person you will ever meet. James looks after our customers in the South, and every month travels up to spend a couple of days in the office, to subject the team to his wicked sense of humour.

charlotte ellis

Name: Charlotte

Role: Customer Service Operative

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Raspberry & Rose

Charlotte is the lady that you will be speaking to on the phones if you ever need to get in touch. Charlotte, is a wonderful, warm, and friendly addition to the team; and is always making us smile.


samson zeru

Name: Samson

Role: Production Assistant

Favourite Chocolate Bar: White

Samson joined us when he was 17, and works within our production team part time while he studies at college. A keen footballer in his spare time, he’s a really gentle member of the team.

georgia parker

Name: Georgia

Role: Production Apprentice

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Salted Caramel

Georgia has dedicated a lot time to learning about the production side of things in her apprenticeship, as well as actually making our products. She’s also always making samples of our new products; so the team love it when they see Georgia passing by with tasters!

Name: Andrei

Role: Production Assistant

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Salted Caramel

Andrei has been a wonderful addition to our team, and works within production to make our delicious chocolate. He has a passion for animals, and in particular, rescuing animals. He’s on the list to volunteer for the cat rescue centre which is an amazing thing to do!

Name: Skye

Role: Production Assistant

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Salted Caramel

Skye has only recently joined our production team, but she’s fit right in already. Skye has been the owner to some wondrous pets, including an owl! She also volunteers in taking in dogs and training them to be hearing dogs – we think that’s just amazing!


pauline ord

Name: Pauline

Role: Packing Assistant

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Salted Caramel

Our lovely Pauline is well and truly the Nana of the Choc Affair team (in fact – she’s Linda’s Mum)! Her sense of humour keeps us all going each week – she says her favourite bar is Salted Caramel; but to be fair, she eats all of them…

paul waddington

Name: Paul

Role: Warehouse & Dispatch Operative

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Gin & Tonic

Paul is the man responsible for packing your orders and getting them all out for delivery. He makes a cracking cup of tea for all the ladies; and hats off to him for coping with them all every day!

michaela graham

Name: Michaela

Role: Packing Supervisor

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Rhubarb

Michaela is our foiling queen – and we think she may even have a world record for foiling our chocolate bars; we seriously don’t need a machine. In charge of the foiling area, she’s a hard act to keep up with.

jibin and jo

Name: Jibin

Role: Work Placement Student

Favourite Chocolate Bar: All of them

Jibin helps us out every week as part of his work placement through the Blueberry Academy. We love his positive attitude to work; and he is certainly chief of chocolate lollies. Jo also supports Jibin with his work.

Name: Mel

Role: Packing Assistant

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Raspberry & Rose

Mel has been a part of our packing team for a few years now, making sure that the products are looking their very best before they get to you. Mel is very much a cat person, and loves her pet cat more than anything.

adele dews

Name: Adele

Role: Packing Supervisor

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Salted Caramel

Adele, our super woman in the packing team, ensures that all of our chocolate is in perfect condition before it goes out. She loves to keep the team up to date with all of her sport knowledge too

bev taylor

Name: Bev

Role: Packing Assistant

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Salted Caramel

Bev is the lovely, most gentle lady of our team, always smiling and peaceful; although she does come out with some gems at times! She’s Michaela’s back up member in the foiling team, making sure the mice are foiled to perfection.

pam luck

Name: Pam

Role: Packing Assistant

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Salted Caramel

Pam is Harry’s mum, and if you knew Harry, you’d know why we are mentioning him! When Pam starts laughing, we all just have to join in; it’s infectious.

wayne drake

Name: Wayne

Role: Packing Assistant

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Salted Caramel

Wayne first worked with us through Blueberry Academy – and we have watched him grow from the beginning, to now being employed by us to work with our packing team; especially with the lollies. He’s a keen gym guy in his spare time, and enjoys a pint at the pub.

Name: Gill

Role: Packing Assistant

Favourite Chocolate Bar: Raspberry & Rose

Gill has just joined our team, but has fitted in perfectly already. She is already a pro-packer, especially since she joined just before Christmas! Talk about getting thrown in at the deep end Gill! Our lovely Gill is a wonderful addition to our growing team.