Have you ever wondered who is behind the scenes making our delicious chocolate? What about the beautiful finish of the foil? The carefully applied wrapping? The packing of your chocolate to make sure it reaches you in perfect condition?

Well, quite simply we are a mixed bunch of people, from 17 to 73 years young who come from all walks of life.

These are the team responsible for keeping our chocolate tempering and the sweet smell of chocolate pervading our senses all day long.

Our packing ladies are the ones who make sure all of our chocolate is beautifully foiled and wrapped, with Paul being the only gentleman in this team taking care of the making up of the orders.  Outnumbered as he is, it’s probably a good thing Paul makes a good cuppa!

Our two smooth operators, Richard & Julian who run the whole shebang. These two make sure if you place your order, you receive your order. On the left we have Richard, who is all about the process and the systems. On the right is Julian our MD, the man in charge of the whole company.

These are the lovely ladies you get to speak to on the phone, who take your orders, offer you some great advice on choosing your flavours and treats and resolve any choccy related issues you may have.

On the left we have Joanne, and on the right Kayleigh; (we think it’s always nice to see the person you chat to on the phone to see if they are as you imagined!)