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Spiced Drinking Chocolate Kit

Spiced Drinking Chocolate Kit


Immerse yourself in an exploration of flavour with this specially curated chocolate and spice kit, as you create and of course, enjoy 5 hot chocolates with their unique flavours reflecting regions from around the world – perfect for hot chocolate lovers everywhere.

Each Spiced Drinking Chocolate Kit has all the spices and chocolate flakes you need to enjoy making 5 delicious hot chocolates all in a keepsake tin – simply add the spices to taste, and see where your journey of exploration takes you, whilst learning about the history of drinking chocolate and how it came to be.

Each kit contains:

  • 5 x Min. 35g Assorted Hot Chocolate Flakes.
  • Min. 24g Spices in individual mini tins.
  • Recipe Booklet.
Chocolate Tasting Experience

Chocolate Tasting Experience Gift Set


Created to enjoy at home with up to 6 family members or friends, this Tasting Experience Gift Set will guide you through learning how to taste 6 single origin dark chocolates and to understand how to pair them with wine. This beautifully presented gift set has all you need to become a true chocolate expert in the comfort of your home and makes a lovely experience to share with family and friends – it isn’t for the faint hearted, as you will be tasting an array of increasing cocoa percentages in this experience, from 64% cocoa solids, all the way to a Colombian 100%!

Each Gift Set contains:

  • 6 x Min. 65g Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars.
  • 1 x Tasting Information Booklet.
  • 1 x Tasting Board.
  • 6 x Tasting Journals and Aroma Wheels (so you can record all your thoughts as you enjoy the tastings).
Chocolate Making Activity Kit

Chocolate Making Activity Kit


This box is filled with all you need to have lots of fun creating delicious chocolate treats – instructions for 4 activities, and all the ingredients individually packed, you can take your time to make them all, providing hours of fun.

The perfect gift for grandchildren, nieces & nephews for any occasion, you could even do these for a virtual birthday party on Zoom, post one out to each of their friends – just imagine their faces as they open the box to find it full of all things sweet and chocolatey, with the pleasure of letting their creativity shine through as they start the activities whilst chatting on zoom.

With all the chocolate, and toppings included, all you need to add is a banana, an apple, some raisins and a bag of popcorn. Easy as 1,2,3!! If you hang onto the recipe cards you can make them again any time you wish, and of course what a great tin to upcycle as a pencil case or keepsake tin.

With supervision and help, this activity is suitable for children from age 2 years to 92!

Each set includes:

  • Chocolate and the ingredients for 4 activities, plus a bonus activity to use up any leftover chocolate.
  • Lolly sticks, bags and ribbons, plus instruction cards.
  • You need to add an apple, a banana, raisins and popcorn.

Please note that the happy spoon is not included in the kit, this is for decorative purposes only.

Our chocolate experiences are the perfect gift to give, guaranteed to start conversations and lots of enjoyment – with three to choose from, there’s something for all ages.