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We’ve called these our classic chocolate bars as no chocolate range should be without a simple, yet perfectly formed, milk, dark, and white chocolate bar.

However understated they appear on the surface, the complex process of how we get from a cocoa pod on a tree in Colombia, to a bar of chocolate here in the UK is of such magnitude; involving so many steps and people along the way. These classic chocolate bars should be held in the highest esteem.

It’s also something most of us have grown up with; and probably all have memories of our childhood and chocolate, when we enjoyed a treat of a well known British milk chocolate bar.

As well as our classic chocolate bars, we create a stunning range of flavour infused chocolate bars for you to explore should you wish.

But for each of our different chocolate flavours, we use delicious bases of milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate that make up our classic chocolate bar range.

Milk chocolate bars

Our chosen milk chocolate stands out with its deep, warm colour, prominent roasted cocoa flavours and seductive caramel-ly notes.

What our customers say:

Your plain milk is anything but “plain” it’s exactly what it says. Creamy and delicious! By far the best chocolate brand I have come across!!

Dark Chocolate bars

Our smooth dark chocolate is sourced from Colombia; and the whole bean roasting technique guarantees its full taste, with a solid cocoa body and fine top notes.

This blend has a round, extremely well-balanced chocolate taste, and a smooth cocoa body, with a pleasant intensity. It is easy to pair with a wide variety of different flavours and ingredients, and is the right chocolate to complement our use of flavours.

What our customers say:

Just love this dark, as I have always enjoyed Bournville and this reminds me of it. When I crack into a bar, I am doomed to finish it!”

White Chocolate bars

Our white chocolate has a delightful taste with pronounced milky, creamy, caramel and vanilla notes that are in perfect balance. It works beautifully when paired with a wide range of ingredients and flavour infusions.

What our customers say:

Sweet, creamy and delish, just like a milky bar. Takes me back to being a child and the Milky Bar Kid.