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A chocolate bar doesn’t have to be simply a chocolate bar; it can be a little message all of it’s own.

When you are looking for the perfect happy birthday chocolate to go with a gift and a card, or for a solution to pop in the post – our simple yet effective happy birthday chocolate bar does just the job.

Our 30g bar of delicious creamy milk chocolate, encased in embossed silver foil, and a cheerfully designed wrapper, makes a lovely little gift; small and thoughtful.

If you need to say congratulations, thank you, or send a good luck message; chocolate is guaranteed to put a smile on your recipient’s face every time!

How do we make our chocolate bars you may ask? We take our delicious melted chocolate, and temper it to ensure it has a glossy appearance, and gives a lovely clean snap when you break off your first piece; then we cool it, encase it in foil and carefully wrap our cheerful designs around it, making the perfectly crowd pleasing chocolate bars we all know and love. So today, make it a day of sending chocolate bar messages to those you love and care for, and pop a smile on lots of faces!

Looking to find a gift for a special occasion? Our unique selection of indulgent handmade chocolates and chocolate hampers are an original and quirky way to spoil someone.

If you need to send your gift by post, we’ve got you covered; we’ll add your message and send it directly to your recipient. Whatever chocolate gift you choose, we’re pretty sure they’ll be delighted with your choice!