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6 bar letterbox selection

Create Your Own 6 Bar Letterbox Selection


Fill your very own postal box with all your favourite flavours, and create the perfect chocolate selection box either to enjoy yourself at home or to send to that special someone letting them know you care!  You can choose from any of our Signature, Classic and Gin Collection chocolate bars, add a message to make the gift box more of a personal one and we’ll do the rest to ensure it is delivered through your letterbox.

  • Sustainably grown chocolate.
  • Palm oil free & all natural ingredients.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians.
  • Proudly made in York, North Yorkshire.
  • Free UK mainland delivery on orders over £30.
Work from home survival kit

Work from Home Survival Kit


Our work from home survival kit your postal box with your favourites, pop it on our desk or dining table and nibble away as you work from home. We consider this a must at any self respecting work station, and with no colleagues around to snaffle the goodies, what more could you ask for?

With a great choice of flavours, you can make it your very own goody box, or you can of course be a kind colleague and send it to your favourite work mate 🙂


  • Palm Oil Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Dark Chocolate is suitable for Vegans

Selecting A Flavour Infused Chocolate Bar

Step into a world of flavour with our signature range of flavour-infused, handmade chocolate bars.

Our team of chocolatiers love crafting our many different flavours of chocolate; so when we add just the right amount of lime, and sprinkle of sea salt to our luxurious plain dark chocolate, the result is a whole lot of zing for your tastebuds.

Why not try the soft sweetness of rhubarb, combined with our smooth, creamy milk chocolate; bringing you a sweet, fruitful surprise of sensory delight. Simply put, our passion is to bring you only the very best chocolate bars, with our hand picked and unique range of chocolate flavours – to excite and inspire you in the hope that you fall head over heels in love with flavour.

The ever popular chocolate chilli combination has taken the chocolate scene by storm over the last few years; only outdone by a deeply satisfying caramel bar, brought to life with a touch of sea salt.

Whatever your idea of great tasting chocolate is, we think you’ll find a handmade chocolate bar to tickle your tastebuds; and with our chocolatiers always exploring different chocolate flavours, you’ve got a great reason to keep popping back to see if our new flavours can ignite your imagination.

We’re a small, family business; fiercely independent and proudly British, and always keen to hear your ideas; so if any unique chocolate flavours are on your mind, and just need to come out – don’t hesitate to let us know. You never know, your idea could be the next big hit in the world of chocolate!

Handmade chocolate bars

Using the finest of chocolates from around the world, we take what could be called simply plain chocolate, and add some delicious natural flavours with artisan creativity (and of course our quintessential British imagination) to create the very best chocolate bars; filled with a world of flavour for you to savour.

Handmade, each chocolate bar is individually wrapped in an luxurious, embossed silver foil, recycled paper wrap, and carefully packaged to send to your friends or loved ones.

Perfect Chocolate gift

Our artisan handmade chocolate bars are one of life’s cheeky treats; to be enjoyed with good friends, family or work colleagues, or maybe you’re a secret chocoholic who enjoys it too much to share! Perfect for a corporate chocolate bar gift, to say you’re sorry, or to show that special someone you care; we have something to suit everyone in our handmade chocolate bar range, ensuring it is the perfect gift to receive.