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Delicious Drinking Chocolates

What is the sensual appeal that we associate with a mug of hot chocolate? Why are the emotional connections we make with it about it being a decadent, and luxurious indulgence? Is it the ultimate pleasurable way of enjoying chocolate for chocoholics, or is it quite simply a chemical match made in heaven of endorphins colliding?

We believe its perfect in its simplicity. Chocolate and steaming milk, expertly combined to create a moment of sheer pleasure when you wrap your hand around the warmth of your mug, bring it to your lips, inhale deeply and then take a sip. A great way to enjoy chocolate as the steaming milk infuses with the melting chocolate to create delicious and comforting aromas.

Handmade Artisan Hot Chocolate

Our simple, stylish, silver tin adds that final touch of sophistication to your drinking chocolate times. With lovely packaging and the knowledge that the chocolate you’re enjoying is sustainably grown, Choc affair’s hot chocolate selection makes a great chocolate tasting experience.

How do we create such delicious flakes of chocolate, you may wonder? It all starts with our tempering the melted chocolate, and pouring it into large 5 kilo moulds, before we pop them into the cooling room to set.

After 24 hours, once set, we need to raise the temperature of the bars slightly before putting them through our old fashioned flaking machine, because if too cold they won’t flake properly.

After flaking, thousands of fine flakes, that melt on your tongue are then packed by hand into a keepsake tin ready for you to enjoy.

A Unique Hot Chocolate Gift

Each of our Hot chocolates is presented in a keepsake tin and can be matched together with one of our bars of chocolate to match, this guarantees a smile in return. Perfect in its simplicity and proof of your thoughtfulness, our hot chocolate combo will be well received for birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Christmas stockings, Valentine’s Day, or even as a special thank you gift.

Sometimes, giving a gift of flavoursome foods can mean a lot of consideration for the tastes of the receiver and that can prove to be a little difficult if you just aren’t sure, but fear not, our One Shots gift pack makes a delightful drinking chocolate gift for that situation.