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Chocolate Type
    • Dark
    • Milk
    • White
    Dietary Information
      • Suitable For Vegans
      • Suitable For Vegetarians
      Cocoa Origin
        • Colombia
        • Madagascar
        • Peru
        • Sao Tome
        • Uganda
        • Vietnam
        • West Africa
        Alcohol Content
          • Alcohol Free
          • Contains Alcohol

          Shake up spring with our beautiful range of pure chocolate milkshake tins! A beautifully labelled tin, filled with pure drinking chocolate made from only natural ingredients. With 5 flavours in this range, there is plenty to choose from; whether you have a classic milk chocolate milkshake, or go for something a little different like our salted caramel milkshake! Whatever flavour you choose; we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

          Each flake in our milkshake tins has been handcrafted, infused with natural flavours and sustainably sourced; and all of our packaging is from British businesses – so you know you are supporting our beautiful country.

          How to make a chocolate milkshake

          Seeing as we have such a beautiful range of flavour to choose from; we only thought it would be right that we provide you with a choice of how to make your milkshake! After much testing and tasting, we think we have pretty much perfected these recipes; so you can sit back, and enjoy…

          Easy Milkshake Recipe

          4tbsp Milkshake Flakes
          20ml Boiling Hot Water
          250ml Ice Cold Milk
          This milkshake will be ready in minutes; simply add the flakes to your mug along with the boiling water, and mix to a paste. Then add in your milk, and stir!

          Ultimate Milkshake Recipe

          4tbsp Milkshake Flakes
          20ml Boiling Water
          200ml Ice Cold Milk
          1 Scoop Vanilla/Chocolate Ice Cream

          If you have time, and want to add an extra creaminess to your drink, then this is the recipe for you! Simply mix the milkshake flakes with the hot water into a paste. Then add the paste to a blender, along with the milk and ice cream. Blend until combined, and pour into your glass! Finish with some whipped cream, and few extra flakes to be fancy!

          Beautiful Gifts

          Our Milkshake Tins are the perfect gift for anyone with a summer birthday. Not everyone wants to eat chocolate during the hot weather; but make it into a cool, creamy milkshake – and Bob’s your uncle! A treat that everyone will love. You could keep it simple with our milk or dark milkshake tins, or add some flavour with our flavour infused milkshakes. Whatever you choose; we know that this will be savoured and put a smile on that special someone’s face!