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Chocolate Type
    • Dark
    • Milk
    • White
    Dietary Information
      • Suitable For Vegans
      • Suitable For Vegetarians
      Cocoa Origin
        • Colombia
        • Ecuador
        • Peru
        • Uganda
        • United Kingdom
        • Venezuela
        • West Africa
        Alcohol Content
          • Alcohol Free
          • Contains Alcohol
          Personalised Chocolate Bar Good luck Message

          Good Luck Message Bar (Teacher’s Bundle)


          The perfect gift for teachers to give to their students. This bundle of Good Luck Milk Chocolate Bars will put a smile on the face of everyone in the classroom; and also means you can save money by buying all your gifts in one place.

          • 30 x Min. 40g Good Luck Milk Chocolate Bars
          • Gifts for Students
          • Palm Oil Free
          • Suitable for vegetarians
          Raspberry & Rose Milk Chocolate Bar

          Raspberry and Rose Milk Chocolate Bar

          Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
          (4 customer reviews)

          One of our best chocolate bars; reminiscent of the aromatic flavours of turkish delight, all encased into a silky smooth milk chocolate bar. This rose flavoured chocolate is infused with a subtle hint of tart raspberry, giving it a little twist on a floral classic.

          • 1 x Min. 90g Raspberry & Rose Milk Chocolate Bar
          • Handmade in the UK
          • Palm Oil Free Chocolate
          • Suitable for Vegetarians
          Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

          Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

          Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
          (3 customer reviews)

          Our Salted caramel milk chocolate bar starts with a smooth, melting sensation; and as you continue to taste, a toffee like flavour imerses; finishing with a hint of salt that will certainly lead you into the next bite. We say never underestimate the power of salted caramel milk chocolate.

          • 1 x Min. 90g Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar
          • Handmade in the UK
          • Palm Oil Free Chocolate
          • Suitable for Vegetarians
          Library Collection

          Library Collection


          Our Library collection is four of our most popular bars from our Signature Range.

          • Handmade
          • Natural Ingredients
          Hot Chocolate Colombian Milk Combo

          Colombian Milk Hot Chocolate & Bar Combo


          We have hand picked this single origin chocolate from Colombia because of its reputation for growing high quality cocoa to create the ultimate chocolate tasting experience, whether in a drinking chocolate or chocolate bar. The fruitiness of the flavour fuses with soft caramel notes, to bring you a deliciously creamy milk chocolate, with a well defined toffee-like taste.

          Our stylish, easy clip closing, hinged top tin adds that final touch of sophistication to your drinking chocolate times. With lovely packaging and combo mini bar, Choc affair’s milk chocolate drink makes a great chocolate lovers’ gift.

          Unrivalled in its simplicity and a luxurious gift.

          • 200g Colombian milk hot chocolate
          • 50g Colombian milk chocolate bar
          • Handmade
          • Natural ingredients
          Personalised Chocolate Bar Thank You Message

          Thank You Message Bar


          Thank you chocolate bars are the best way to show your appreciation; whether it’s for looking after your cat, or supporting you through a tough time – we always think that chocolate is a good idea! Our milk chocolate is made with only natural ingredients, and is free from palm oil – what a bonus!

          • 1 x Min. 45g Thank You Milk Chocolate Bar
          • Handmade in the UK
          • Palm Oil Free Chocolate
          • Suitable for Vegetarians
          Choc Affair Milk Chocolate Letter T

          Milk Chocolate Letter T


          A chocolate letter T is a fun way to give a gift.

          You can give someone their initial, create a chocolate message, or spell a name, the choice is yours.

          Whether you are buying a thank you gift for your child’s teacher at the end of the year, or you are a teacher looking for gifts for your students; we have something for you! Our range includes beautiful chocolate gifts suitable for teachers and teaching assistants; all handmade in the UK with only natural ingredients!

          For the Teacher

          If you are stuck on gift ideas for teachers; then look no further! We have come up with a wonderful selection of thank you gifts that are perfect for children to give to their teachers. Our Teacher Gifts include special message bars, handmade chocolate letters and beautiful chocolate gifts.

          From the Teacher

          You may be looking for a gift for your class of students – so we have put together a wonderful bundle of our Good Luck Message Bars for your class, our bundle contains 30 bars that will make every child smile on their last day with you.