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Our vegan chocolate collection is proudly registered with The Vegan Society, so you can enjoy and indulge without needing any reassurance as to what has gone into making your sweet treat. 

All our vegan chocolate is made with only natural ingredients and lots of love; we are sure that you will devour every little bit of this beautiful, handmade chocolate. 

Choc Affairs dark chocolate has always been vegan, but the decision to get certification came from the very beginning of the Chocolate affair journey. Founder Linda first started making dark hot chocolate stirrers for her daughters, who were lactose intolerant. Linda began to find that there were other Mums out there who also found it challenging to find a sweet treat for their children if they had a dietary requirement. And so, by getting Vegan certified, she knew that she would be helping others with their decisions by making it apparent that Choc Affairs vegan collection is free from dairy and causes no harm to any animals.

The vegan chocolate collection now includes our Oat M!lk range which is also registered with The Vegan Society, and tasty treats such as dark chocolate buttons and Oat M!lk Hot Chocolate

We hope you enjoy this delicious range of chocolate – created to be chocolate you can feel good about.