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Back to school they go!

Back to School

You’ve had weeks and weeks of quality time with your children and you couldn’t be happier that their summer holidays are almost over!

We’ve all been there, there’s no shame in feeling relieved that the children are off back to school; to see their friends, their teachers and maybe learn a thing a two whilst they’re there. As during the summer holidays you’ve kept them entertained, organising fun activities and creating some fabulous memories you’ll all treasure forever… and it’s been exhausting! And while your children might not be excited to go back to school, soon you’ll be able to breath a sigh of relief and relax for the first time in weeks, knowing you’ve done a fantastic job being that super fun parent every kid dreams about!

It’s not all doom and gloom (for the parents anyway).

  • Now as much as we all love our children, you can’t help but relate to these parents who posted photo’s on socail media of them enjoying the moment their children went back to school!
  • You can see the joy on this mothers face – she’s over the moon! We all know that feeling trying to get all the kids into the car at once! This dad’s a pro!
  • She head over heels for her kids to go back to school. Best part about this photo is the embarrassment on the 2nd child’s face! Love it!

These two are celebrating in style! Nothing like waving your kids off in front of the whole neighbourhood… and school! So while you’re popping on their shoes, packing their lunches and taking them to school, just remember to indulge in that moment when you sit down, put up your feet and enjoy the peace and quite!


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