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Our top 5 fun Halloween crafts

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Face

Getting creative this Halloween couldn’t be easier! Every October without fail we leave all the Halloween decorations until last minute. It’s the same chaotic scene every year; people stripping the shelves bare, picking up any bits and bobs they can find, in a desperate attempt to not disappoint the kids.

Last year alone, the UK spent a massive £97,000,000 on Halloween decorations, a number which is estimated to increase this year.

Even though we are a nation of shopaholics, I can’t help but think that there must be another way to make our houses spook-tacular for the Halloween season! Well there is! We’ve created a small (but very useful) list of Halloween decorations you and the kids can make together, having fun and saving those pennies! They’re super easy and stupendously fun to make! So let’s get started!

1. Halloween Egg Carton Treat Boxes

These little cuties have been made using egg cartons, something we all have in our kitchen! Painted with bright colours and finished with a lovely ribbon, they make a lovely little treat box, fabulous for parties!

For this craft you’ll need an egg carton, a variety of paint, scissors, permanent marker, and some ribbon.

2. (No Mess) Window Decorations

We all know crafts can sometimes get messy, but with this top craft the kids can have fun and you can relax about the mess. This is a very simple activity which the whole family can get involved in!

All you need is a variety of coloured tissue paper (cut into small rectangles), clear contact paper, some Halloween shapes to trace, permanent marker and a pair of scissors.

3. Halloween Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts

Another perfect up cycling project! These egg carton bats and ghost leaves are truly adorable… I mean terrifying. They’re easy to make, and once a few are up, they really have a spooky impact!

All you need is an egg carton, scissors, black paint, paintbrush, googly eyes, glue and ribbon.

4. Little Toilet Roll Monsters

Who doesn’t have a few of these lying around, they make wonderful Halloween decorations (once painted). Get creative with the kids and imagine your own monster, there’s no need to stick to Halloween witches, ghouls and ghosts here, let’s get imaginative!

All you need is a collection of toilet roll tubes, paint, paint brush, permanent marker, glue and any extra’s such as; pom poms’s, tooth picks and ribbon.

5. Ghost & Boo Banner

The reason we love this design so much is because everything can be found already in your house! Using nothing more than toiletry products you can create this lovable banner, we love it!

You’ll need tissues, cotton balls, floss/white thread, a black marker and a long needle.

So there you have it: our top 5 fun Halloween crafts. So what are you waiting for, get creative with the family this Halloween and make it the spookiest Halloween yet!


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