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Fallout Boy - Chocolate & Music

Have you heard the news? It’s music to our ears!

We all know that chocolate always makes everything better, whether you’re using it for baking, watching a film or relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening, there is always room for chocolate in our lives. But with the music festival season well and truly upon us, everyone is busy gathering their essentials such as tents, clothes and beverages to make their festival experience the best it could possibly be. But this year, something amazing happened that might put chocolate on the essentials list for festivals!

A recent study by leading neuroscience agency ‘Mindlab‘, tested and studied the effects of eating different flavours of chocolate when listening to to different genres of music. Their theory was that listening to the right music could make the chocolate you were eating taste even better! Sounds like heaven!

Mindlab’s study concluded that “amplitude, frequency, volume and pitch are the key factors that could significantly improve the way we taste”.

Here are Mindlab’s top five pairings (in no particular delicious order)

  • Pairings 1
    Low pitched music complements nutty flavours
  • Pairings 2
    High pitched music complements crunchy textures
  • Pairings 3
    A steady rhythm complements a smooth texture
  • Pairings 4
    A mellow sound complements a soft or spongy texture
  • Pairings 5
    Up-tempo music complements surprising textures such as popping candy

Baring this tasty information in mind, we thought we’d have a bit of fun with it… with Leeds Fest right around the corner, we’ve taken inspiration from their music line up and paired them to some of our delicious bars, based on the sound and flavour, so here goes:

Here’s a cheeky one from the noughties! We’ve paired our Dark Colombian chocolate with Fall Out Boy who will be playing at Leeds Fest Friday 26th August this year. The Dark Colombian chocolate would be best indulged when reliving their hit tracks “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” and “Dance, Dance”, as their low pitched style of pop punk / pop rock will bring out the nutty malt notes in the Dark Colombian chocolate, soothing your tongue with its unique flavour.

Our delicious Salted Caramel would pair beautifully with Twenty One Pilots (playing Saturday 27th August 2016). Their alternative hip hop / indie pop style of tracks would emphasise the smoothness of the caramel, complimented by their steady rhythm, maximising the texture and tones within the salt. Creating the perfect mix of sweet and savoury on your taste buds.

Gnash is know for his indie pop / alternative / R&B mix of style (playing Friday the 26th August 2016). The soft smoothness of his tracks, such as “i hate u, i love u” and “Tell me it’s okay”, pairs perfectly with our Peach & Raspberry. His mellow sounds complements the soft vanilla tones in the white chocolate, and heightens the tones of the fruity flavours, creating an pleasurable experience.

The underground electronic sound of Disclosure (playing Saturday 27th August 2016), have been paired with our Lime & Sea Salt chocolate bar, as their combination of house, UK garage and smooth R&B vocals create an energetic and vibrant sound, which is same experience given by the Lime & Sea Salt through taste.

And our final Leeds Fest pairings goes to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, can you guess which of our bars we’ll be pairing to these guys? Only our Dark Chilli Chocolate of course! With these fabulous four being the first headliners for 2016 Leeds Fest they just had to be on our list. Although we have no scientific reason behind the Dark Chilli Chocolate choice, it only seemed logical to be our Chilli bar! The spiciness of the Dark Chilli chocolate is bound to get you Chili lovers revved up for some old school “head banging” and mosh pit madness!

Indulging with chocolate to a whole new level and enjoy it with music. Who knows, maybe one day chocolate will be on the ‘essentials list’ for music festivals!

About Linda

Linda is the founder of Choc Affair, with a passion for creating wonderfully delicious chocolates, that are ethically made.