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Our top 5 Autumn treats!

Forest Meadow Leaves

It’s around this time when the weather starts getting chilly, the days get shorter and we see more gloomy days then sunny. But with the spontaneous British weather comes a fabulous excuse to indulge in treats, both fitting for warm and cold days. So whilst we  knock the heating up a few notches, here’s our top 5 Autumn products, perfect for rain or shine!

Hard Boiled Sweets

We love anything British, and that’s why we love our hard boiled sweets so much, I mean just look at that gorgeous packaging; the retro glass, the vintage styled labels, even the pastel colours that run through the sweets themselves, they’re just gorgeous! We have 3 fantastic infused flavours for you to try; Orange & Geranium, Peach & Apricot and Raspberry & Rose. They’re great for sharing on car journeys, wonderful for picnics and perfect for trips to the sea side (weather it’s in the rain or sunshine).

Autumn Inspiring Bars

Now we think all of our bars are super delicious, but we’ve narrowed our favourite Autumn flavours down to 3! Our first Autumn inspiration is our floral Orange & Geranium chocolate. Not only is the packaging full of inspirational Autumn colours brown and orange, this chocolate tastes delicious with it’s gorgeous pairing of sweet, sun drenched oranges, and jolly notes of geraniums perking you up on those chilly mornings.

Second is our Milk Lavender chocolate, as on our many trips to the Yorkshire Lavender Farm, rain or shine, the Lavender always illuminates our senses, much like this bar. The creamy white chocolate complements the lavender, toning down the floral scent and taste, making the experience deliciously subtle. It’s one of those flavours you will either love or dislike intensely. But when the smell and taste remind you of those calm days, it’s hard not to fall in love with the flavour with every single bite.

And our third and final bar for Autumn is our Dark Bergamot bar, as with the days getting shorter you need a dark chocolate to relax with on those dark crisp evenings. A bar of noble distinction; savour the sheer, rugged masculinity of dark chocolate infused with fragrant citrus notes which remind most of us of Earl Grey Tea… how calming.

Woodland Pals

Look how cute our chocolate animals are! With their bright and colourful packaging, it’s no wonder that they’ve made it onto our Autumn list this year. Not only are they simply adorable but they’re absolutely delicious, hand made with our scrumptious milk and white chocolate. These little cuties are perfect for gifts or just a fabulous way of cheering someone up, I mean come on, how can you be sad after looking at those sweet faces! Available in a Owl, Fox or Squirrel design.

Hot Chocolate & Milk Shakes

Now with the weather in Britain being unpredictable, we’ve designed our drinking chocolate to work for you in all the seasons. So when it’s cold you can make a hot chocolate to warm you up, and when it’s hot you can make a milkshake to cool you down, two fantastic drinks for the price of one. Though we can’t “bring boys to the yard” with our milkshakes recipe, we can bring families together with them instead. Just by following our simple milkshake recipe you can have a cool chocolate milkshake ready in minutes. Available in 6 mouth-watering flavours, there is a perfect Choc-affair moment for everybody.

Halloween Treats

Now Halloween is slap bang in the middle of Autumn, bringing us costumes, parties, fun games, decoration… oh and chocolatey treats, it’s no wonder we all love it so much! With our range being (let’s face it) the most terrifying chocolates you’ve ever seen, it would be silly for them to not be on the Autumn list! Currently available in our seasonal range they’re perfect for any parties coming up.

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Linda is the founder of Choc Affair, with a passion for creating wonderfully delicious chocolates, that are ethically made.