5 Fun Facts About Peaches


Our Peach & Raspberry Bar is even loved by those who aren’t too keen on white chocolate (we know because we have a fair few lovers at Choccy HQ)! The creamy white chocolate matches so perfectly to the flavours of these beautiful summer fruits; and we wanted to delve a little further into one of the natural flavours that we use. It is quite rare that you see peaches being used in chocolate; and so we thought we would let you in on some things that you may not know about them!


  1. Related to the rose…

Yes – that’s right – peaches are indeed a member of the rose family! Other members of this family include raspberries too; and peaches in particular are a close relative of almonds! Perhaps we can see a resemblance with the stone in the centre of a peach.


  1. Lucky for some!

In China, people see the peach as a sign of good luck, longevity and protection. Sau, the Chinese God of Longevity, is seen holding a peach in his hands; symbolising an easy life, and luck in all the challenges we face.


  1. Persian Apples…

Did you know that the Romans used to refer to peaches as ‘Persian Apples’? This was due to Persia being the country that introduced people in the West to peaches.


  1. Nectarines?

Nectarines are actually a type of peach – the only difference is their skin! Peaches tend to have a fuzzy skin, whereas nectarines have a smooth skin. People often say if you peeled both, you most likely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.


  1. Decreases Anxiety

Yes – it may be hard to believe, but peaches have been known to reduce anxiety! They are known as ‘the fruit of calmness’.


If you are now feeling a little peachy – then why not give our Peach & Raspberry White Chocolate a try? It’s delicious!


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