Alternative Wedding Cakes

Alternative Wedding Cakes

When it comes to Weddings, we are always striving for something totally unique and unforgettable; and many people are now looking for a little twist on the traditional wedding cake. Alternative wedding cakes have soon become a phenomenon, and so we have put together our favourites!

Pork Pie Wedding Cake

This isn’t just a twist on a wedding cake – this is totally different! From sweet to savoury, why not offer your guests a slice of pork pie instead of your usual cake? Marks and Spencer offer this gorgeous 3 tier Pork Pie Wedding Cake for £99, serving 30-40 people. We are sure this will not go a miss on your special day…


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Crepe Wedding Cake

Simple, but beautiful; this alternative wedding cake is perfect for your rustic wedding, and will match your seasonal fruits for decoration. Crepes are quick, easy and cheap to make yourself – so if you are looking for a wedding cake on a budget, this could be the perfect option for you. The only ingredients  you will need to make your delicious crepe cake are: plain flour, eggs, milk – and to customise, anything you like! That’s the best part of this idea; you can choose whatever flavours or decorations you want to match your wedding theme and please your guests!

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Cheese Wedding Cake

Wow – this is one showstopper and looks absolutely stunning! If you are a cheese lover, then don’t hesitate in having this beautiful cheese wedding cake. We even suggest creating your own ‘cheesy’ wedding favours, and pop a couple of crackers in a cellophane bag for each guest – your wedding will ‘brie’ unforgettable!


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Macaron Wedding Cake

Pretty as a picture, these delicate macarons look gorgeous in this French inspired wedding cake. Even better; there’s no need to cut this cake, so one less job on the day! Let your guests choose their own macaron without the hassle. We love this one in particular with the added floral decoration – who wouldn’t want this centrepiece at their wedding?


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Gingerbread Wedding Cake

This stunning gingerbread wedding cake gives a real rustic feel, and has been decorating by hand for a really delicate touch. Guests can simply snap off a piece – and perhaps for an extra surprise, you could fill this gingerbready stack with mini gingerbread people (or even bride and grooms)! The world is certainly your oyster…

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We hope that you find something extravagant for your big day, and enjoy every part of the planning and preparation – we know it can be tough, but it’s so worth it in the end!

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