Best Games to play on Christmas Day (That Cost Nothing)!

Christmas is a day of fun, laughter, food and of course, family; but we know that it can actually be hard to keep everyone entertained for the whole day, and with Christmas being one of the biggest expenses of the year; we thought we would put together some of the best games that you can play with your family on Christmas day, for absolutely nothing. So; if you are looking for Christmas games for kids, or just simply Christmas party games – then you are in the right place!


  1. Christmas 20 Questions

Choose a Christmas character (e.g. Santa), and have your family member guess who you are. They can ask you a maximum of 20 questions; but you can only answer yes or no. They win if they guess within the 20 questions!


  1. Gift Wrap Race

You are bound to have plenty of wrapping paper left lying around the house – so why not put it to use and have some fun? Split into two teams, and be the first time to wrap something up – whilst wearing oven gloves! It’s harder than you think – but a lot of fun.


  1. Guess the Baubles on the Tree

This one requires a little pre-planning (unless you want to recount all of your baubles)! When you are putting your tree up, count the baubles as you go and note it down. Then; when the family are all together, have a game of ‘guess how many baubles on the tree’ – the closest number wins a prize!


  1. Christmas Belly Limbo

A slightly more active game, but just as fun! Pop a pillow underneath your top for a Santa’s belly, and then using a piece of string, have a limbo contest!


  1. Christmas Charades

Put a festive twist on this classic game; and try and guess Christmas carols! You could be going for hours with this one.


  1. Festive Memory Game

We’ve all played this one before – pop some festive items that are around your house onto a tray, and allow one person to memorise the items. Then, cover with a cloth, take the tray away and remove one item. Return to the participant, and ask them which has disappeared! You can also increase the difficulty of this one by adding an item each time.


  1. Christmas Quiz

Get into teams, or play individually – a Christmas quiz is a great way to test your festive knowledge and have some family fun. You could create your own quiz, or find one online for free!


  1. Two Truths & A Lie – Christmas Style!

Have your guests prepare 3 of their worst/funniest Christmas gifts they have received – two being true, and one being a lie. Then, when you are together, share these with the family and let them guess which is a lie!


  1. Christmas Carol Pictionary

Choose a Christmas Carol, and ‘attempt’ to draw it (no words allowed) – the first one to guess wins a point!


  1. Name that Carol

If you are a musical group, then this could be the perfect game for you. Hum the tune of a carol and have the rest of the group guess what it is – the one who guesses correctly wins a point!

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