Celebrating the Special People in Our Lives

Celebrating the Special People in Our Lives

As Mother’s Day approaches, for many it is a time to celebrate the love of a good Mum, yet for others it is a tender and difficult time, as they navigate the loss of their loved one, or grieve for their complex relationship they have with their Mum. This day brings up the subject of relationships, and what they mean to people – different in so many ways. Some have incredibly positive thoughts of maternal relationships; others have nothing but negative experiences which have shaped their entire lives. 

Relationships are how we are connected to those around us, and being connected to others in our humanness is possibly one of the most important things we need for our mental well-being, but there’s no rule book on how to do it well. I don’t know about you, but I can honestly say some days it can feel as if I almost deliberately set out to cause mayhem in those relationships closest to me, and other days, I can feel like Mother Teresa in them – either is not my best, when I should be aiming for harmony and peacefulness, rather than the ups and downs I am capable of creating. 

In the past, our team have chatted about relationships and what they mean to us. This took us down the path of celebrating those special people we know and love, who are not necessarily our Mum, but who play that significant role in our life of nurturer, protector, caregiver, and is the person who creates a healthy emotional dynamic in your life. 

This is about that special person, who we consider to be a rare light in our world. Male or female, young or old, this kind of person crosses both gender and age. They’ve got that specialness about them which makes them stand apart from others. 

We will probably all know of at least one person within our circle who we would describe as having an amazing heart: the one who picks up the phone on the morning of a big day, the one who pitches up when they sense you are in need of a friend, the one who offers a place to stay for someone in need, at an emotional, and or physical cost to themselves. They are the kind of person you are in awe of when you see them in action with others because it can seem to be so out of the norm. 

We’ve got some of these amazing people in our lives to celebrate, so why not join us and hold them up? You can choose to treat them to something small, a bunch of flowers, a nice bar of chocolate, or a home baked cake, or batch of cookies, after all, who doesn’t love some home cooking! Remember, this isn’t about the actual gift, it is the thought behind the gift, which expresses the emotion. If you can, make the effort to go spend some time having a cup of tea with them, or if they are too far away, pop a little something in the post to them, a card, or a small letterbox gift – who doesn’t enjoy a surprise card dropping onto their hall floor to let you know someone is thinking of you? Or simply pick up the phone and tell them what they mean to you – whatever you choose to do, don’t let the day pass by, without getting in touch with them to let them know you’re sending them your love on this special day. 

Have a wonderful day. 


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Linda is the founder of Choc Affair, with a passion for creating wonderfully delicious chocolates, that are ethically made.