Cocoa Growing Areas in Colombia

With a history spanning 110 years, Luker chocolate, a family owned enterprise has taken the philosophy of corporate leadership with a social mission and purpose to a whole new level, one which we are incredibly proud to be partnering with. Through the historical philanthropic approach of the family who started and continue to own this company, there is the core belief that business and enterprises have an obligation to impact their local communities, and through education, entrepreneurship, and innovation, believe that cocoa is capable of transforming communities and should be used as a tool for change. We are working to support this through our partnership with Luker, through their project called The Chocolate Dream.

Colombia is classified as a Cacao Fino de Aroma producing country; a title only awarded to 8% of the global cocoa production. Working directly with cocoa growers’ associations in the country’s regions, Luker has connections with entities linked to reducing the growing of illicit crops. By involving the farmers, and through extensive training at Granja Luker, one of the few cocoa research centres in Latin America, there is an understanding that sustainability of cocoa is based on increased productivity and on producing great quality cocoa. 

Over 38,000 families make their living through cocoa farming, and there are 4 main producing regions within this country:  Santander, Arauca, Huila, and the Eastern Coastal line of Tumaco; none of which are situated within the Rainforest belt.

Santander is an area in the North eastern region of Colombia, which is divided into two large geographical regions. On the western lies the Magdalena River valley, a mostly flat area – and on the eastern side is the mountainous region of the eastern cordillera, the Colombian Andes.

Santander is a bittersweet chocolate which celebrates the complex characteristics of Colombian cacao. A strong cocoa flavour and a subtle sweetness gives way to a gentle acidity with hints of coffee and fruit notes.

Arauca is located in the extreme north of the Orinoco Basin of Colombia, bordering Venezuela. Most of the area is given over  to plains and flat lands, other than in the extreme west where the terrain rises abruptly into the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes, the mountainous ecosystems filled with diverse flora and fauna. 

Arauca is a dark chocolate with a clearly defined scent which gracefully embodies the most marvelous traits of Colombian cacao. The intense taste of chocolate is accompanied by fruit and floral tones and a hint of smooth sweetness, all of which gives it an exquisite character and crowns it as the supreme expression among dark chocolates.

Huila is located in southern Colombia, spanned by the Andes mountains and home to the towering Nevado del Huila volcano. The Magdalena River runs through Huila’s centre and to the north, there is the vast Tatacoa Desert. A delightfully well balanced and floral chocolate with defined cocoa notes and a gentle hint of citrus and vanilla. Ideal for those who seek a balance of flavour and aroma in their chocolate.

Tumaco is a port city and municipality, by the Pacific Ocean, located on the southwestern corner of Colombia, near the border with Ecuador, and enjoys a hot tropical climate.

Tumaco is an intense dark chocolate with a defined aroma and pronounced floral flavour typical of Colombian cacao. Deep chocolate flavour throughout building to a fruity finish with just a hint of sweetness. Notes of vanilla and pepper combine with a bitter tone resulting in a complex and satisfying extra dark chocolate.


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