DIY Christmas Gifts

Sometimes, a handmade gift beats all other gifts; it’s personal, and beautiful; and not only shows that you have spent money on a loved one – but thought, and time, which are precious to us. But where do you start? We’ve come up with our 5 favourite DIY Christmas Gift ideas for you to try at home.

1. Brownie in a Jar

This Brownie in a Jar looks spectacular, and is bound to ‘wow’ whoever receives it. All you need to do is buy some pretty, clear jars, and fill them with the dry ingredients – plus whatever additional bits you would like in there! Then, add a tag and/or decoration, along with the instructions and additional ingredients such as eggs and butter. It’s really easy to do, and great to do in batches – so you could make one for everyone in the family!

2. Chocolate Slabs

These chocolate slabs can also look amazing – and can be quite expensive to purchase yourself. All you need is your favourite chocolate (you could try our classic or flavour infused bars), and whatever toppings you fancy putting on top! Pop them into bags and label with a personalised message – they look fabulous! You can even personalise them by choosing toppings you know your friends and family like; or make them more festive by topping with cranberries and orange peel.

3. Candle

Customise your candle fragrances by making your own this year – easy to do, and perfect as a gift; all you need is the ingredients to make it. Once you buy it for one person, you can do it for as many people as you like; so you may as well go for it! This version also comes with a free printable label that you can stick on afterwards. There’s nothing quite like a beautifully fragranced candle lighting up the room on a cold winter’s night.

3. Marble Mugs

Pretty mugs are all the range in every high street store now – and they do go great with a nice tin of hot chocolate for a Christmas gift! But why not decorate your own mugs without spending a fortune? This super easy trick looks amazing, and will create a unique design every time. All you need is some plain mugs and nail varnish; and the results are amazing!

5. Room Spray

Room spray isn’t really something we would normally consider as a gift; however, our team member Lisa received some as a gift from her Auntie, and it was one of the best gifts she had received. It was used all the time, and not hanging around for months like some gifts do! This recipe is quite simple, but you will need to make sure you’ve got some spray bottles, labels, and the ingredients to create the spray.

About Lisa Bone

Design & Marketing Associate for Choc affair. I am 23 years old and live in the beautiful city that is York! I love baking and creating new recipes for the Cocoa Corner. My favourite chocolate just has to be our Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate - it's extremely more-ish - so I have to be careful if there's any about!