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Family Chocolate Making Adventure

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Summer is here! The school is out, and the children are buzzing with excitement for six weeks of summer holiday adventures. It can often be a challenge to keep the little ones entertained throughout this long break, but don’t worry, we have you covered. Dive into the world of chocolate with our delightful chocolate-making activities, perfect for keeping your children engaged and allowing some sweet family bonding time. 🍪🎨

Chocolate Activity Kit PDF: Unleash Creativity this Summer

Last Christmas, we shared a Chocolate Activity Kit that was loved by many families. We believe that the joy of making chocolate treats should not be limited to a single season, so we’re bringing it back, perfect for the summer holidays! This kit is packed with diverse activities that will unleash creativity and provide loads of fun.

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Though it would be splendid to use Choc Affair’s range of milk, dark, and caramel chocolate buttons, feel free to use any chocolate that you have handy. Get those jars of sprinkles, edible glitter, and nuts out of the cupboard. Mix and match ingredients, and have a blast melting, dipping, and decorating. And, of course, it’s mandatory to lick the last bit of melted chocolate from the sides of the bowl!

Download the Chocolate Activity Kit PDF here or click the button below.

Tips for Making Chocolate Magic Happen

  • Incorporate Fresh Fruits: Summer is synonymous with fresh fruits. Add an extra layer of deliciousness by incorporating fresh strawberries, bananas, or other fruits in your chocolate delights.
  • Outdoor Chocolate Fiesta: Take advantage of the sunny weather by setting up a chocolate-making station in your garden. The combination of outdoor play and chocolate treats will be irresistible for the kids.
  • Theme-Based Fun: Introduce themes like ‘Ocean Day’ or ‘Superhero Saturday’ to add an extra layer of excitement. Shape your chocolates according to the theme and let the children’s imaginations soar.

A mum and daughter pouring melted chocolate into a mould

Where to Get Supplies?

Lolly sticks are available at stores like Hobbycraft, Wilko, and Lakeland. For edible decorations, the baking aisle in your local supermarket is your best friend.

The Sweet Ending

As the summer breeze fills the air, these chocolate-making activities will keep your family entertained, and the house filled with laughter and the sweet aroma of chocolate. Slip on those aprons, gather around the kitchen table, and let the chocolate adventures begin!

Wishing you a Summer Full of Sweet Surprises! 🌞🍫💛


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