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Halloween Traditions

Halloween Crafts

Traditions generally creep up on us and we often don’t think about how or why we are doing the things the way we do. Halloween is a time of several of these traditions, and we’ve included just 4 for you to read about.

 Carving Pumpkins

Long before we were carving pumpkins for Halloween the Celtic people of Ireland were carving turnips and lighting them to ward off evil spirits. This tradition travelled with them to America where they found the native pumpkins, not grown in Ireland, and it was discovered that the pumpkins were softer and easier to carve – hence our pumpkin carving today. The Uk is home to the largest pumpkin producer in Europe and you can see a year on the farm in Lincolnshire here

Bobbing Apples

Bobbing Apples

You may well have been to a Halloween party at some point in your life; and you will most likely have bobbed a few apples whilst you were there! This actually came from a Roman festival that celebrated the Goddess of agriculture and abundance – the game would supposedly show the future of the relationships for the men


Bats in the night sky

Bats are widely used as a symbol for Halloween; the reason being that it was believed that if a bat circled someone’s house 3 times or over, then someone in the house would soon pass away. If a bat flew into your house on Halloween, it was thought that your house was haunted – so we best keep one eye open!

Black & Orange

Orange & Black are the colours that we associate Halloween with and of course, there is reason behind this. Black was seen as a symbol of death; and orange related to the colour of the leaves and crops as they changed colour  during this season.