How to set up a Hot Chocolate Station

Hot Chocolate being poured into a mug

A hot chocolate station is a great addition to add to your kitchen in the run-up to the festive season, or if you are like me, all year round!

A drinking chocolate station can be made up using a wide range of delicious products. Over the years, I have personally found that including different hot chocolate flavours offers a great conversation starter when entertaining guests in your home or attempting to talk with grumpy teenagers!

Below you will find our recommendations on what you should include as part of your festive station.

Hot Chocolates

You can’t make a hot chocolate station without… hot chocolate! Our hot chocolates are available in four different flavours dark classic, milk classic, oat m!lk classic and milk salted caramel.

The hot chocolates come in flake form and are all made in our chocolate workshop in York, North Yorkshire. Our delicious milk hot chocolates are hugely popular with our salted caramel drinking chocolates recently receiving a five-star review from The Independent whilst our dark hot chocolates are vegan friendly and are registered with The Vegan Society.

Each pack of hot chocolate makes between 5-8 drinks and are ideal for those looking for an indulgent hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Our hot chocolate stirrers were the first product that we introduced when Choc Affair was founded in 2006. Our hot chocolate stirrers come in two flavours – milk salted caramel and dark classic with the latter being suitable for vegans and registered by The Vegan Society.

Our hot chocolate stirrers are hugely popular with children who want to watch the chocolate stirrer slowly melt away into their drinking chocolate.

One Shots Hot Chocolate Flakes

Once you’ve poured your hot drink into a mug you may wonder what else you can do to make your drink extra special. Your drink will begin to froth at this point so you could add some of our delicious One Shot hot chocolate flakes on top or scatter on top of some whipped cream.

The one shots flakes come in three flavours – dark classic, milk salted caramel and milk raspberry & rose

Chocolate Buttons

Choc Affair Values

There’s nothing more wonderful than tucking into a couple of chocolate buttons alongside your cup of drinking chocolate. Our 1kg bags are perfect for sharing with others or stashing away from prying hands. Available in our delicious milk chocolate, the buttons can also be broken up to scatter on top of your hot drink.   

We hope you have found the above recommendation useful. Other items that you should consider having as part of your hot chocolate station are sprinkles, cinnamon, whipped cream and more importantly, a wonderful festive mug!

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