International Day Of Charity

Charitable work and donations are something that will always be needed, and are an act of kindness that shows love and support for one another. There are many people in the world that need help from others,  and can only receive this help through charities; local and regional. Our world is simply a global community, an extension of our local communities, just divided by many more miles and there are so many millions of people whose very survival depends on charitable organisations; Organisations that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for people committing their time and donating money, clothes and food.


This year, The International Day of Charity has fallen on 5th September; and for us, this is something that we celebrate strongly at Choc affair. As a business, we have a lot of involvement with a UK registered charity called Our Father’s Heart (Reg. Charity Number 1175341), under which umbrella ‘Seeds of Hope Uganda’ operates – we did a blog post on this earlier this year, which you can read here.


However; what we didn’t talk about was how much the charity does for the people affected, and also how without the kindness of many, it wouldn’t exist. It really doesn’t matter how big or small a donation is; and whether it’s time or money that is donated – everything makes such a huge difference on the young people out in Uganda, and Seeds of Hope ensure that whatever is given is used to its full potential.


Seeds of Hope explain that whatever you can give; it will help. A donation of as little as £1.50 can purchase a mosquito net that will save lives beyond measure; and I suppose, as most of us at Choccy HQ are from the UK; we don’t appreciate the effect that this will have on someone’s life.


You may even be able to give a little more; sponsorship is a great way of not only helping someone in Uganda, but you can also build up a relationship with them by sending and receiving letters. Sponsoring a child is one of the most rewarding things that you can do, as you watch them progress in life with your help.


It may even be that you can give a slightly bigger one off donation – we recently teamed up with Seeds of Hope to create a family meal box voucher. For just £15, you can purchase a meal box for a family in Uganda; and even see a photograph of them receiving it. What a wonderful gift – there’s nothing better than seeing a big smile on someone’s face! You can purchase these as a gift to yourself or a loved one on our website.


If you are able to donate your time rather than money, it will always be appreciated by any charity. Working in a charity shop, fundraising, or raising awareness are all great things that you can do to help. It has a huge impact on the charity, and we are certain that it will bring you great joy when doing it!


So; no matter what you can give, it is always great to be involved in some way, as the work done by charities really changes lives. Without having charities across the globe, a lot of people would be a lot worse off! So – we commend you all, and you deserve to be celebrated.


The Choc affair team x


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