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Madagascar is an island (the fourth largest in the world to be exact) located just off the southeast coast of Africa. Many know Madagascar from the 2005 film; however, the beautiful island is actually renowned for it’s stunning wildlife and large diversity (although this doesn’t include hippos and giraffes)! 90% of the plants found native to Madagascar are actually not to be found anywhere else in the world; this incredible vegetation has led many ecologists to refer to the country as the ‘eighth continent’ in terms of biodiversity. Sadly, due to human activity, many animals and plants are now becoming endangered..

In terms of culture and cuisine, rice is a staple ingredient in the country. The people of Madagascar create beautiful dishes such as ‘romazava’ (a green vegetable broth), which is served with rice. Other important ingredients include sweet potato, cassava and maize; which are usually mixed with condiments and spices to create great-tasting dishes.

The flavour of the cocoa grown in Madagascar is very unique, and needs to be grown in the shade away from the sun; this is why cocoa plantations in Madagascar are usually in the rainforest. This has many great benefits socially and environmentally, as there is usually an economic incentive for the farmers that grow the cocoa this way. This is because this way of production actually helps with sustainability and the habitat of many endangered animals.

From seed to pod, to bean to bar – the flavour experience from this chocolate is one not to be forgotten! Intense and sweet. Our 67% Madagascar Dark Chocolate reveals a very intense round and sweet taste with a tempered bitterness. It is topped with refreshing, moderately acid flavours and fruity notes that remind of raspberries, juniper berries, citric fruits and ripe yellow fruits such as apricot and pineapple;  true chameleon, inviting you to explore exciting pairings with a wide variety of ingredients and the perfect compliment to a cup of Ethiopan Blue Mountain coffee.


3 Fun Facts about Madagascar:

  1. People refer to Madagascar as ‘the red island’ due to the colour of it’s soil.
  2. A popular drink in Madagascar is made using the water that is used to cook rice; it’s called Ranovola.
  3. Half of the world’s vanilla supply is from Madagascar.

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67% Madagascar Dark Chocolate Bar

67% Madagascar Dark Chocolate Bar

Our 67% Madagascar reveals a very intense round and sweet taste, with a tempered bitterness. It is topped with refreshing, moderately acidic flavours, and notes of fruity berries and citrus fruits.


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