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Making a Difference through Ethical Chocolate

Colombian children holding a cocoa pod

With a focus on caring for our environment, and respecting people and community, as a British producer of delicious flavour infused and origin chocolates, we believe strongly in responding to consumer changes in a way that is respectful of the planet.

In recent years, we’ve chosen to have all our dark chocolate, registered with The Vegan Society, so our customers can be assured of its suitability for a vegan diet. The beauty of dark chocolate is that it is made without the addition of milk as an ingredient, meaning it is ideal for those who follow a vegan diet as well as a possible alternative for those with a sensitivity to dairy.

Our single origin collection, combines both country of origin and percentage of cocoa solids, ensuring as broad an appeal as possible. Each bar in the collection has been carefully chosen for its distinctive and unique flavour profile, offering a sophisticated experience to be enjoyed. The beauty of this range is that you can start quite gently with the Peru 64% cocoa solids, and move into the higher percentages until you feel daring enough to try the 100% Colombian!

what is single origin chocolate?
Our Single Origin Chocolate Range

For those who prefer flavour infused milk and dark chocolates, our signature collection offers a wide variety of delicious flavours from Raspberry & Rose to Chilli and from Lemon & Sea Salt to our newest seasonal flavour, Peppermint & Lavender.

Our Peppermint & Lavender bars have been extremely popular, despite them not being on our list as a flavour to create. This last-minute bar came about when Linda (the Choc Affair founder) had a lightbulb moment and then spent the rest of the day experimenting with flavours to create a beautiful aromatic dark chocolate bar which has fast become a firm favourite with our lovely customers and trade partners alike.

Peppermint & Lavender Dark Chocolate – the latest addition to the Choc Affair family

Our vision over the next couple of years is to continue to create exciting new flavours in our milk and dark chocolates, whilst making sure we stand by our brand values; investing in the cocoa-growing communities from where we source our chocolate, continuing to choose packaging which can be recycled responsibly and as we start to grow again, offering employment to those who would otherwise struggle to access the workplace.

For you, our customers and fellow chocoholics, you can be assured that we will continue to work hard to bring you ethical and quality chocolate, handmade in Britain. With every small step forward, we are close to fulfilling our dream as a small independent family-run business in being able to make a difference through chocolate.

If you have any ideas for flavours that you’d personally love to taste in chocolate, why not send us them to consider,  and you never know, we may launch one of them.

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