Single Origin Chocolate

what is single origin chocolate?

The word origin means the point or place where something begins, and in the case of a single origin chocolate, it means the cocoa beans are sourced from a single area, which can be a country, a region, or even a particular plantation or estate – this sourcing has a significant effect on the flavour profile of the chocolate we enjoy.

A Brightly Painted Road in Colombia

Like a fine wine, or exceptional coffee, the flavour profile of a single origin chocolate can be incredibly complex and specialist, with the flavours being reminiscent of the geographical areas in which they are grown.  Our chocolate is grown in the beautiful and diverse country of Colombia which is renowned for its exquisite aroma, and fruity, floral and herbaceous flavour, with notes of malt and walnut.

The fermentation and drying of the beans are the first steps in which the quality of the finished chocolate can be greatly affected, and our cocoa farmers must ensure this is done correctly to retain the exquisite flavours of each particular region. This process then moves more mechanically to the roasting stage, which again is crucial in determining the final flavours; along with the ingredients added, and the skill of the chocolate maker throughout the refining and conching process; all key steps in the process of ensuring the final flavour of the chocolate is perfected and it’s very best.  

Farmer gathering cocoa pods

Broadly speaking, there are two general categories of cocoa beans recognised by the world cocoa market; bulk (or ordinary beans generally produced from Forastero trees), and fine (or flavour) beans, more often produced from Criollo and Trinitario cocoa trees (although there are exceptions to this). The forastero are hardy, disease resistant cocoa trees, capable of producing high yields of cocoa beans; whilst the Criollo and Trinitario are less so.  95% of the world’s cocoa is grown in Africa, and is mainly of the Forestero variety, widely used by bulk chocolate manufacturers.

Freshly opened cocoa pods
Freshly Cut Cocoa Pods

Our Colombian chocolate is recognised by the ICCO the International Cocoa Organization as a fine flavour cocoa, or Fino De Aroma cocoa, describing Colombian cocoa as being unique in the world for its exquisite fruity and flowery aromas and flavour with nutty malt notes. Only about 8% of the world’s cocoa is awarded this highly prized classification.

Our 85% single origin chocolate bar comes from the area of Tumaco – a region next to the Pacific Ocean and one of the world’s rainiest areas. The cocoa trees grown here produce a bean recognised for its marked, highly bitter taste and for its floral and fruity tones, which grow under the shade of coconut palms.

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