The Benefits of Oranges

Benefits of Oranges

As you may have seen, our #FlavourFocus for this month is our divine Orange & Geranium Milk Chocolate; it’s an unusual but absolutely delicious flavour, and we love discovering new things about the natural ingredients we use.


Orange is the world’s 3rd most favourite flavour (as you maybe have read in our previous blog); and that’s wonderful, as there are so many benefits of eating oranges.


  1. Oranges lower cholesterol

Oranges are full of fibre; which makes them very helpful for lowering cholesterol.


  1. Good for the skin

Oranges are full of beta-carotene; a substance that helps to protect the skin from damage.


  1. Good for the immune system

Oranges are full of nutrients like vitamin C, which is vital in keeping our immune system strong and healthy. A good immune system means less health problems!


  1. Great for your eyes

Our eyes do suffer from damage as we get older; but oranges are full of vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium; all of which aid eyesight; so make that a reason to keep those oranges in your diet!


  1. Reduces bad breath

It has been said that drinking orange tea, or having orange peel in your tea can help to reduce any bad breath and improve oral hygiene!


These are just a few fabulous reasons to eat oranges; and we are proud to use this wonderful fruit as a natural flavour in our chocolate!


About Lisa Bone

Design & Marketing Associate for Choc affair. I am 23 years old and live in the beautiful city that is York! I love baking and creating new recipes for the Cocoa Corner. My favourite chocolate just has to be our Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate - it's extremely more-ish - so I have to be careful if there's any about!