The Benefits of Raspberries

The Benefits of Raspberries

Raspberries are believed to have come from Eastern Asia; however, this was a very long time ago, as to put it frankly, raspberries are ancient! The taste of this fruit is quite sharp and very distinct, and has been known to be a winning combination when matched with white chocolate! Raspberry is indeed used in our #FlavourFocus for this month (Peach & Raspberry White Chocolate), and we want to know how raspberries can be beneficial to us.


  1. Healthy Hair

Raspberries are rich in vitamin B, meaning that they are really good for minimising grey hair and hair loss. Folic acid is also present in raspberries, which is also great for your hair, making it shinier and helping with hair growth.


  1. Free from illness

The vitamin C in raspberries increases immunity, helping to fight colds, flu and infections – so we can keep healthy physically!


  1. Can you see what I can see?

Raspberries are full of anitoxidants, which protects the part of the eye called the retina from ‘oxidative stress’ (an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidant defences), so that we can have better vision!


  1. Brain Power!

Studies have shown a positive correlation between consuming raspberries (that contain something called flavanoids), and memory improvement.


  1. Full of fibre…

Plant food with a lot of skin means it’s high in fibre; and raspberries have a lot of skin! Eating plenty of fibre can help to maintain blood sugar levels – so raspberries are good if you have diabetes.

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