Things to do with Dad on a Budget

Things to do with Dad on A budget

Whilst Father’s Day is celebrated around the world, in the UK the amount we spend on it compared to Mother’s Day differs enormously. According to GlobalData, in 2017 we spent £700 million on our Dads, compared to a staggering £1.4 Billion spent on Mother’s day! Is this because we don’t value our Dads as we do our Mums – or is it more that Dads are pretty difficult to buy for? With Mum, it can be simply a lovely bunch of flowers, and flowers are so easy to purchase, even if it’s on the day! Personally, we don’t have the answer to this question; but we do have a lovely Dad’s gift range, and some ideas as to what to do instead of buying something.


Take a Walk Together

Dads can be difficult to get to spend some real time with, so by taking the time to walk together, you can really build on your relationship. It doesn’t need to be far; a stroll around the block, or in the local park – wherever you have nearby. And the best part is, you can have a good natter whilst you go!


Have a Photoshoot

Family pictures are a special gift that can be enjoyed for years. Just think of all the times you’ve sat with the photo albums out, reminiscing on years gone by. With most of us having smart phones, it doesn’t need to cost anything other than the time it takes to take the pictures; and you end up creating memories to last a lifetime. You can even dig out some whacky clothes from his wardrobe and get dressed up for the occasion!


Create a Coupon Book

The gift that keeps on giving – but you do have to honour them!  You can have fun creating the coupons, and Dad will just love the using of them throughout the year; but no backing out – so be wise about what you choose to include!


Breakfast in Bed

It’s traditional for Mums on Mother’s day; so why not for our Dads? The great thing about Dads is that they are often up for trying out some weird and wonderful combinations. Anyone for pancakes, maple syrup and bacon – American style?


Make a meal of it

Plan his favourite meal, go shopping (we know this costs, but you were going to be cooking tea regardless!), and then invite him to cook with you; then enjoy the fruits of your feast together. You may even manage to get him to help you clear up!


Create a Personalised Treasure Hunt

Prepare a treasure hunt relevant to the things your dad likes, and place the clues around the garden or house; leaving clues for dad that ends in watching his favourite movie together with some homemade popcorn.


Learn something new together

Try a new hobby or activity together. A lot of venues do free taster sessions; so why not surprise him by attending an activity together? We’ve come up with wheelchair basketball, salsa dancing, a yoga or tai chi class, a running group, or why not even a language class? Any new thing to do together can open up ways of communicating, and bring interest and new things to talk about with your parent.



Get Youtube on with some classic backing tracks, a couple of hairbrushes, and wiggle your way around the living room. A cheeky video on your phone will provide hours of laughter later, no doubt!


A day at the Races

Pack a picnic, and take him to the races. No need to pay for entry; although you won’t see the winner race past the finishing post, you can sit outside the track and just enjoy the atmosphere as they thunder past.


Visit a Museum

Lots of places have free entry to local museums, so why not pack a sandwich and head out for the day? You never know, you may both learn something new about your local area together. Here are just a few we’ve come up with:


World museum, Liverpool

Natural History Museum London

Tate Modern London

Railway Museum, York

The Imperial War Museum Manchester

The Royal Armouries, Leeds

The National Football Museum, Manchester

The House of Marbles, Devon

Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art  Glasgow

Coventry Transport Museum

Tolkien Trail, Birmingham


Whatever you do for Father’s Day (or any day), we hope you enjoy it and make memories that will never be forgotten!

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