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With a diverse geography of rolling hills, plains, and great beaches, Vietnam is a country of contrasts; and unlike most other countries of similar size, extends across two climatic zones, with a moderate climate in the North, and a tropical climate in the South.

Shaped like an S on the map, Vietnam is located on the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. It has a long land border of 4,550 km, bordering China to the North, Laos and Cambodia to the West, and the South China Sea of Pacific Ocean to the East. Visitors are attracted by the natural beauty of the country from the green rice fields in the north, to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south. It is a country with a long history, and many traditions woven in to it’s heritage, making it a place of breathtaking scenery and hidden ancient treasures.

Cocoa was introduced to Vietnam by the French in the late 19th century. There are two main cocoa growing regions; the Mekong Delta (with the famous Ben Tre) and Tien Giang Province, and the Central Highland with the Lam Dong and Dong Nai provinces.

Our Vietnam 72% is a stunning dark chocolate, overwhelming the senses with the pronounced acidic taste of the Trinitario cocoa bean, zesty citrus notes, light mokka and the warm undertones of wood.


3 fun Facts about Vietnam

  1. Vietnam is the largest exporter of cashew nuts and black pepper in the world, with one-third of the global production.
  2. The world’s second largest caves, the Son Doong caves, are situated in Vietnam, and they are so big that a Boeing 747 could fly through its largest cavern.
  3. Giving a gift of handkerchiefs, anything black, yellow flowers, or a chrysanthemum is considered unlucky.

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72% Vietnam Dark Chocolate Bar

72% Vietnam Dark Chocolate Bar

Our Vietnam 72% dark chocolate is distinguished by aromatic notes of fresh fruit, acidity, and full flavour; a stunning dark single origin chocolate.


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