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Dark Chocolate Balsamic Dressing Recipe

Dark Chocolate Balsamic Sauce

It is the time of year where we are ready to whip the cover of our BBQ’s, usually with the best of intentions to cook up a storm on the grill and try some new recipes out.

If you’re like me, however, the reality is somewhat different and often the convenience and ease of sticking to what you know takes over and the same dishes come out year after year.

Well, after such a crazy couple of years, we’ve been working on some new chocolate-based recipes with our friend and chocolate expert David, of Coeur de Xocolat for you to create a BBQ sensation for your friends and family. So, what are you waiting for – get the charcoal out or the gas turned on, the wine cracked open and enjoy some time together over a tasty meal cooked outdoors.

Prep Time: 5 mins

Cooking time: 10 mins



Gently bring the balsamic vinegar, cocoa and sugar to a simmer, remove from heat once the sugar is dissolved and stir in the chocolate. Blend to perfection with a hand blender.

Dip your finger in and have a taste to ensure it is chocolatey enough!!

Serve with a strawberry and rocket salad, over Salmon, or simply with strawberries on their own – absolutely delicious.

We hope you have found this recipe useful, the recipe can be used with any of our chocolate bars, browse our full range of flavoured chocolate bars by clicking here.

Image by Caroline Attwood