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Family Chocolate Treats Making 

Family Chocolate Treats Making

Christmas is the time of year when the focus is all on the children as the atmosphere builds until the big day arrives. The Elf is wreaking havoc in the house as he reveals more and more outrageous pranks, leaving the little ones excited to see what might happen next, as you, the tattered parents, try to think of the next crazy surprise he may spring!

We thought we’d try help you slow it down a little, and that now may be the time to spend some relaxing time making some of our chocolatey treats together – bringing calm to the kitchen as you dip and decorate. In our opinion, there’s nothing quite like melted chocolate swirling around a bowl, the delicious smells tempting your tastebuds, and precious little hands appearing over the edge of the bowl for a cheeky dip.

Chocolate Activity Kit PDF

During lockdown, we created a chocolate activity kit which was a big hit with the little ones. We thought we’d bring this back as a PDF in the lead-up to Christmas to give you some fun, family-time ideas. 

There’s no need to be precious about them, though: yes, we’d love you to use our delicious milk, dark and caramel chocolate buttons, but these recipes will work just as well with whatever chocolate you have in the cupboard. Dig out your half-full pots of sprinkles, edible glitter, nuts and even coconut. Use up any sweets you have, and just have fun melting, dipping and decorating. Don’t forget to swirl your fingers around the side of the bowl to eat up the last bits of melted chocolate, hmmmm…delicious.

Download the Chocolate Activity Kit PDF here or click the button below.


For lolly sticks, you can find them in Hobbycraft, Wilko, Lakeland, amongst other shops. For edible decorations, check out the baking aisle in your local supermarket. For any leftover sweets and decorations, make sure you add them to your hot chocolate station to add to your festive celebrations!

Merry Christmas and happy chocolate making.