The Chocolate Dream

the chocolate dream

We are actively involved in The Chocolate Dream by financially supporting projects in cocoa-growing regions in Colombia, providing opportunities for the farmers and their communities, and helping to create positive change.

Our Current Project

We are really excited to be part of an investment for 100 young adults who are living isolated lives in the more rural areas of the cocoa growing communities. We will be part of a visionary leadership programme, helping these young people to develop leadership skills and grow into confident entrepreneurs. The project is set to run for up to 3 years, with the focus being that these young adults develop the necessary skill set of entrepreneurship, enabling them to earn a living from a business. We feel this particular investment fits perfectly with our own Inclusive Employment Initiative, which has been a key focus of our company for over 10 years.

The young people will come up with ideas that will help to nurture and improve their local area, so not only will the project benefit them, it will also have a positive impact on the people living in the community.

We want to make sure that our investment into cocoa is making a positive impact; and we have seen wonderful outcomes from past projects, such as:

  • Our financial investment into a fermentation processing centre (for the cocoa beans for a particular cooperative)
  • The provision of school bags and books for children in the local schools
  • A more unusual project, where several children have been given a donkey to help them make the long journey to school every day (as well as the training on how to look after them)
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