Cocoa Growing Communities

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We are respecting people and communities, by financially supporting projects in cocoa-growing regions in Colombia, providing opportunities for the farmers and their communities, and helping to create positive change.

Our Current Project

We are excited to be investing in a reforestation project in Necocli to enhance the social and environmental development in the area.

Originally, used for livestock, the reforestation project is the largest of its kind in the area and has already seen the return of several different species of birds and animals.

By purchasing your chocolate from us, not only will you be supporting British chocolate making, but you’ll also be enhancing the environment on the Colombian Pacific Coast.

Our Past Projects

We’ve invested in a three-year-long visionary leadership programme which was made available for 100 young adults living in rural cocoa-farming communities. Developing confidence and self-esteem, the project also enhanced young people’s leadership and entrepreneurial skills and have enabled many to earn a living from setting up a business.

We want to make sure that our investment into cocoa is making a positive impact; and we have seen wonderful outcomes from past projects, such as:

  • Our financial investment into a fermentation processing centre (for the cocoa beans for a particular cooperative)
  • The provision of school bags and books for children in the local schools
  • A more unusual project, where several children have been given a donkey to help them make the long journey to school every day (as well as the training on how to look after them)
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