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Alphabet milk chocolate letters range

Our handmade alphabet chocolate letters are a fun way to give a unique, personalised gift. Give someone their chocolate initial, spell their name, or create a special chocolate message; the choices become endless with these milk chocolate shapes. Chocolate names, beautifully gift wrapped, are a fantastic gift idea that show you have thought about someone.

Smooth tasting handmade chocolate letters

We create each individual chocolate letter from our deliciously creamy milk chocolate. Each handmade chocolate letter is individually nestled in its own bright and appealing packaging, making a delicious personalised treat, and a versatile and quirky, delicious chocolate gift and of course, being a neat little box they are very easily wrapped and posted.

The Perfect Gift

A great graduation gift, party bag, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Valentine’s message, or birthday gift, our milk chocolate letters and chocolate numbers offer endless options. Popular as a wedding table place marker, or a cake decoration topper, they also make memorable, fun corporate gifts. In fact the range of gift creations you can use them for is only limited by your imagination and is what makes them a favourite with Choc affair’s chocolate lovers everywhere.