Where did Salted Caramel come from?

Where did Salted Caramel come from?

Salt and sweet – who’d have thought it? Years ago, not that many people; but now, the combination is in popular demand as it is commonly used within the food industry. But where did this phenomenon come from? The answer is France – chocolatier Henri Le Roux was part of a family of talented chefs, who owned a pastry shop. When he was ready to fly the nest, him and his partner moved to Brittany; a place famed for it’s incredible salted butter.


Henri was so ready for a new challenge, and wanted to come up with something that would make him stand out from other chocolatiers – and so, the experiments began, and years later, he finally got it. The perfect recipe for a salty, but sweet caramel with crushed nuts. The caramel was created using salted butter, and he won ‘Best Sweet in France’ for his amazing invention.


From then on, the use of salt in sweet produce became a hit, and US confectionery manufacturers began to develop allsorts of products using the flavour combination, such as ice cream, desserts, coffees and chocolate of course! As ever, the taste of salted caramel grew into a worldwide love, and it has now become one of the most popular flavours, as it has made it’s way into high-end restaurants, chocolatiers and huge companies like Starbucks and Haag and Dasz.


So – of course we had to include this stunning flavour in our range. The contrast of the salty and sweet flavours works so well infused into the creamy chocolate – it’s indulgent beyond belief! But are you a fan? You may just prefer the super sweetness of caramel alone; or you may be in love with a slight hint of salt just like us!

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