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Things are getting spookier by the second

Chocolate Lollies Devils

With just under 2 weeks to go until Halloween, people are going crazy for our terrifying treats! Who can resist the simple joys of Halloween; the laughter, the costumes and who can forget all those delicious chocolatey treats!

Everyone has been going completely bonkers for our hair-raising lollies and spine-chilling foiled treats and who can blame them, they’re spooktacular!

Who’d love a chocolate skull in their goody bag? We would! Our freaky skull lollies come pairs of milk and white chocolate, both are equally delicious!

Our ghost lollies are happy to give you a spook or two! With those cheeky smiles, we’re sure they’ll be a favourite amongst the kids (and grown up kids). Sold in a pairs; one milk and one white chocolate.

Feeling a little sinful? Try our devil lollies! Their sinister faces are bound to send shivers down your spine and they taste amazing! Available in milk and white chocolate lollies (pairs).

New to 2016 and are proving very popular are our pumpkin lollies! With their bright orange foil and yummy milk chocolate, they’re a sure hit for any chocoholic (and for seasonal vegetable enthusiast).

Eeeek! Oh it’s chocolate (thank goodness)… our delicious milk chocolate foiled frogs and foiled mice are a treat and a half! With their bright colours and cute size, these little critters are perfect for those goody bags!

Our frogs are available in boxes of 6 (perfect for small parties) and our mice are available in boxes of 36 (brilliant for BIG parties). It’s almost like we’ve thought of everything!

So don’t panic if you’ve not got round to buying your Choc affair treats just yet, we’ve got you covered this Halloween!

About Linda

Linda is the founder of Choc Affair, with a passion for creating wonderfully delicious chocolates, that are ethically made.