10 Things to do with children at Halloween

With Halloween soon approaching, we thought we would share some fun things for you to do with the children to celebrate! There are so many different activities that you could do, whether it be a quiet evening in, or if you are having a party; you can get the children involved in something a bit different! We have come up with our top 10 things to do at halloween that you can enjoy with the children.

  1. Gingerbread Mummies

These gingerbread men have a slight twist; you may have a gingerbread cutter from Christmas already, so why not put it to use again over halloween? These gingerbread mummies are really easy to make, fun to decorate, and make fabulous treats for a halloween party!

  1. Halloween Bowling

If you are looking for a super easy game to play on the 31st, then look no further; this will cost you the absolute bare minimum, and looks brilliant! You can create this halloween bowling set with just three things; a permanent marker, some white plastic cups, and an orange! The kids will have fun for hours; and you could even keep score and find a winner!

  1. Halloween Bingo

You can always find halloween print outs online, such as word searches, colouring pages or crosswords; but we think that halloween bingo sounds the most fun! Simply print off some sheets, and cut one of them up so that you can call from a bag/box. Easy peasy; and great for a halloween party.

  1. Spider Web Walking Game

Perhaps you just want something fun for your children to do in the lead up to halloween; and maybe there isn’t anyone else around to take part in a game. Well this is a great way to keep the little one occupied (and it’s great for getting them off video games etc); simply use some tape to create a spiders web, and then you can get them to get from one side to the other without bumping into and ghostly ghouls. Alternatively you could have a chase, or try and collect things! You will have fun for ages.

  1. Pin the Spider on the Web

Perfect for a halloween party; pinning the tail on the donkey gets a little different as a spider is now involved! The aim of this game is to get the spider slap bang in the middle of the web; but blindfolded! Children can take turns and see who gets the closest.

  1. Bat Pegs

These wonderful halloween bat pegs are both easy and fun to make with the little ones, and not only will they guard the washing on your line; but they make great decorations too!

  1. Halloween Slime

It may be that the children are coming home from school and are looking for things to do. Well; this halloween craft is fun to make, and will keep them amused once they have made it too! Get creative with jars of homemade slime – choose your colours, and decorate your jars for an extra ‘spooky’ effect.

  1. Ghost Balloons

Fun to make, and a fabulous decoration for the house during this season; these floating ghosts are bound to catch everyone’s eye, and you can even get the kids involved in making them. And why not add a twist? You could also create pumpkins or other monsters.

  1. Halloween Pizzas

A great snack for the party table; these halloween pizzas are delicious, and are certainly and easy halloween recipe. You could make the prior, or get the kids involved in making them as an activity – either way, they probably won’t last long!

  1. Boo-nana Pops

Another fabulous halloween recipe that combines the delicious taste of banana and creamy white chocolate – and just look fabulous on the table. Melt some white chocolate, and pour it into a tall glass. Half some bananas, and slide in some lolly sticks; then, dunk your bananas into the white chocolate, and pop some chocolate chips on for eyes. A ghost seems to not only be the easiest fancy dress costume – but the easiest halloween dessert too!


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