5 reasons to love Autumn

Autumn Chocolate

We’ve recently moved into our new home, which has a log burning stove, yet due to it still being warm we’ve had no call to use it. Last night though, at the first hint of a chilly evening my husband decided to light it and so sat watching tv infront of the fire had me thinking about all the reasons I love this particular season and why I feel we should embrace it.

  1.  Log fires and the curtains closed are to be enjoyed for the simple pleasure they are. There’s something about shutting the world outside, and the focus a log fire brings to a room.
  2. The stunning colours as the trees transition, the burnt oranges,browns and yellows make this a beautiful time of year. I am always amazed at the cycles of nature, and the artistery all around us with the colours and beauty of our planet.
  3. Halloween, which although I feel that I should be past the age of enjoyment with this, I just love. To see the decorating of people’s houses,the sense of build up and anticipation before the event, aswell as seeing parents walking their dressed up children around for trick or treating.
  4. Hot chocolates just aren’t the same in the summer months and the idea of being “allowed” to start enjoying them again, is the perfect excuse to love Autumn.
  5. Christmas and the sense it’s soon to be here.  Personally, I just adore all that Christmas is and even though at Choc affair we’ve been working on Christmas since July, I still love the run up to it every year.

About Linda

Linda is the founder of Choc Affair, with a passion for creating wonderfully delicious chocolates, that are ethically made.