Who wants a milkshake?

Drinking Chocolate

The British summer that just keeps on giving! I can remember the weather like it was yesterday… the blue skies, the fluffy clouds, the beaming SUNSHINE! It was lush! But all that gorgeous weather when you’re inside a factory working your crocs off, making, wrapping and packing all of that delicious chocolate, it’s safe to say it got a tad bit too warm! We needed a way to cool down, and fast!

One morning our lovely Linda came into work with ice cream, lollies, and cold drinks for everyone to help us all cool down. But she had also brought something else with her, something we we’re all super excited about… a milkshake recipe!

Linda had been working on this recipe to make scrumptious milkshakes using our drinking chocolate, and we have to tell you, the recipe was absolutely gorgeous! It was the perfect drink for a hot day, cooling us down instantly and even though it was a bit cheeky of us, we did try all 6 milkshake flavours… oh we are spoilt!

To make a delicious Choc affair milkshake you will need:

  • 35g of Choc affair’s drinking chocolate
  • 150ml of dairy, soy or almond milk
  • 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

With 6 delicious flavours to choose from, there’s the perfect milkshake flavour for everyone.

Let us know how you got on with your Choc affair milkshake and remember, if you don’t use all your drinking chocolate this summer on making gorgeous milkshakes, you can just use the rest to make mouth-watering hot chocolate when the weather gets a little bit chilly!


About Linda

Linda is the founder of Choc Affair, with a passion for creating wonderfully delicious chocolates, that are ethically made.