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Known for it’s beauty and mysterious secrets, Peru is a country based in South America that truly has life at the centre of it’s being. Peru is famous for it’s biodiversity across the land, by being classed as a megadiverse country; something that is extremely important, especially with the issues of the loss of biodiversity over recent years. The Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River also start in Peru; but another important landmark is of course, Machu Picchu; a beautiful city located at the very top of a mountain that remained hidden for over 500 years from other cultures. Machu Picchu is also now classed as one of the seven wonders of the world – and that’s something special in itself.

We source cocoa beans from Peru to make our 64% single origin dark chocolate; and the reason being that the cocoa beans grown here have a very specific taste, with a slightly acidic flavour. Our 64% Peru Dark Chocolate starts with notes of raisins and dried figs, and ends with fruity tones towards the finish; and we think that the whole flavour experience is simply stunning.

Our Peru chocolate matches beautifully with dried fruits, such as raisins, cranberries and even citrus fruits like oranges and clementines. The flavour from the chocolate is really brought out when paired with these natural ingredients.

3 Fun Facts about Peru

  1. Three-quarters of the world’s alpaca population lives in Peru.
  2. Guinea pig (cuy) is a meat that is traditionally used in Peruvian cuisine. It is served whole, with head and feet!
  3. Peru is the 6th largest gold producer in the world.

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64% Peru Dark Chocolate Bar

64% Peru Dark Chocolate Bar

64% Peru dark chocolate has a slightly acidic cocoa taste, with soft notes of raisins and dried figs, and fruity tones lingering towards the finish. At 64% cocoa solids, this single origin dark chocolate offers the opportunity to enter the world of origin chocolates and their flavour profiles within the lower percentage levels.


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