The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

In recent years, it has become more and more well known that there are potential health benefits to consuming dark chocolate and cocoa products; which in my humble opinion is wonderful!  Cocoa is one of the most polyphenol-rich of the commonly consumed drinks (such as coffee, cocoa, and tea per serving); and it is estimated that a serving (40g) of dark chocolate can provide more antioxidants than blueberries – which are traditionally considered to be high in antioxidants. Further research shows it also has a higher antioxidant capacity than red wine.

Some research goes as far as to state that the consumption of cocoa and dark chocolate is associated with anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anti-allergy, anti-carcinogenic action, as well as showing beneficial results on cognitive function and moods.

We’ve all heard the stories about chocolate/cocoa and love, and there is a lot of truth in this.

Phenylethylalanine has been isolated in chocolate which is associated with the feelings of  attraction, and that initial euphoria of falling in love. This chemical also acts as an antidepressant by combining with dopamine that is naturally present in the brain.

According to the research carried out (Relationship between Cocoa Intake and Healthy Status: A Pilot Study in University Students), due to cocoa being high in polyphenols, and the positive effect of such polyphenols on the body, “it can be suggested that a diet including a moderate consumption of cocoa products might substantially prevent allergic diseases and might ameliorate allergy symptoms.”

Obviously, if we are sensible, and take a commonsense approach – due to it’s high, energy dense values, too much cocoa and dark chocolate indulgence may have the potential downside of weight gain. However, the good news is that overall research seems to indicate that the benefits of moderate consumption outweighs the risks of weight gain.

Looking into this, I came across a fascinating study that was carried out; the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2012–2013 on the Association of Chocolate Consumption with Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in Middle-Aged People. The results of the survey suggest that a “chocolate-based diet may protect middle-aged people from hearing loss.” During the course of the survey, 3575 subjects between the ages of 40-64 underwent a medical interview, physical examination, audiological evaluation, tinnitus questionnaire, and nutrition examination. The results were that the rate of any hearing loss (unilateral or bilateral) in the subjects who consumed chocolate was significantly lower than that in those who did not.

Who would have thought that eating dark chocolate could potentially help prevent hearing loss!

So; here you have just a few reasons (if you need anymore) on the benefits of dark chocolate, and why we should enjoy eating it.

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Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bar

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Orange Dark Hot Chocolate

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