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Spiced Classic Dark Hot Chocolate

Believed to have originated in India over 5,000 years ago, and renowned for its culinary and medicinal purposes, turmeric is a staple in Middle Eastern Cookery. Pleasantly spicy and full of flavour, it blends well with a touch of cayenne pepper and our Colombian Classic dark chocolate – add a pinch of black pepper to help your body absorb its health benefits and enjoy this warming drink.

I have to say I do like a very chocolatey hot drink, so my measures are on the heavy side of the chocolate, so you can adjust to taste – my go to recipe at home is as follows:

Classic Dark Hot Chocolate with Turmeric & Cayenne Pepper

Pop 35-40g of chocolate in a pan, add 200ml of milk or plant based equivalent, and heat, whisking throughout so you are binding the milk and chocolate together. Add a small pinch each of turmeric, cayenne and black pepper, and continue to whisk until you have a smooth and deliciously satisfying hot chocolate. 

You can of course either reduce the chocolate to 30g, or increase the milk to 250ml, or for some extra luxury, add 35ml of single cream to the pan to give it a thicker creaminess – the beauty of a real hot chocolate made at home is that it offers the opportunity to experiment to find your own sweet spot. Do remember that different types of chocolate may call for different ratios of milk to chocolate.

The beauty of starting with an exceptional classic dark chocolate base, is that whichever recipe you choose to go with, you won’t be disappointed! Explore our range of drinking chocolates here.

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